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Triumph Thruxton - TheTechMan

A cafe racer is a lightweight, powerful motorcycle - putting speed and performance above comfort. Best for quick rides and short distances.

If cafe racers are your thing, the Thruxton won’t disappoint. It won’t grow old on you. An immortal tribute to the 70s.

Talking about riding ergonomics, it’s not the apt racer’s dream, but provides plenty of torque to play around with. The throttle action provide for an almost fatigue free riding experience. Very easy on the palms.

The stiffer suspension helps a lot while doing higher speeds.

As for the riding posture, it’s nothing too aggressive . More like a sport tourer stance. Although it has a tendency to take a slight toll on your shoulders if you’re covering long distances.

The Triumph Thruxton is more about its looks, with a single seat and the downward handles.

The seats are premium quality. One look at the stitching reflects the meticulousness behind it. The front raring is a perfect example of a homage to cafe racers.

Brembo disc brakes. Three modes - Rain / Road / Sport.

Showa suspensions upfront and Ohlins shock absorbers at the rear, both of them fully adjustable.

Thruxton shares it engine with the Bonneville T 120 but that’s where the similarities end. The engine on the Thruxton gets a low inertia crank, which means it is livelier and revs freely all the way to the red line.

All in all, Thruxton hits the correct balance between coming off as a hooligan of a bike and a gentleman at the same time.

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