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India is a phenomenon.

A phenomenon, people off shores have been quicker at appreciating than us. Amidst all the political debates, congestion and traffic, lies what might very well be unparalleled beauty.

Our country offers us one of those landscapes that has an array of atmospheres to choose from. So if you’re here, please make use of it and travel. It’ll surpass any trip to a foreign destination.

Here’s me telling you some spots you might want to reroute to on your next trips.

South Goa

The South of Goa is one of those rare gems, that welcomes you with or without company.

It doesn’t need a special month of the year or a special occasion, for its beauty to be celebrated.

You get the quiet. You get to experience some regal 19th Century Portuguese Architecture.

And apart from the obvious notes, there’s something in the air, the people, that tells you it’s okay to let go.


A hill station in Kerala. A tiny plantation township with an overtone of green in Central Travancore.

If there’s one thing you need to cover here and you’re short on time, visit the 3 misty hills - Thangal, Murugan, Kurismala, and the spectacular pine forests.

Fort Kochi

All hot spots being closely knit together is a huge plus for Fort Kochi.

Next to the Neemrana Property, you will find 10 m high installations of the Chinese fishing nets. A system almost 500 years old. They’ll be one of the highlights of your visit here.

Two cafes I highly recommend visiting - The Solar Cafe and the Loafers Corner Cafe.

Visit them for an atmosphere that takes you back decades with its setting, and for some awesome Masala Chai.

While you are at it, do not miss the St Francis Church.

Interestingly, Vasco Da Gama was buried there for the first 14 years after his death before his son took the remains back to Lisbon.


The Venice of the East.

The hub of Kerala’s backwaters. Graceful, green and slow, coming into a world of houseboats, villages and canoes.

If you crave a little more solace, the Marari beach is just 11kms away from Allepey - perfect for a weekend getaway.

If you’re a head on Architecture Geek like I am, the St Mary Forane Church is a must. Check it out for its murals, its backwaters, and the sculptures.

Athirapally Falls, Chalakudy

Nothing much to say about this one, except that even if it calls for a detour, go for it. You will not regret it.

Enwrapped with dense vegetation of Vazhachal. Athirapally is said to be one the best bio diversity hotspots in Kerala.

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