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Shows Every Guy Should Watch - TheAwareMan

Netflix Prime Video and OTT platforms have truly changed the landscape of cinema in the past decade.

Whilst paving the way for creating some inspiring content, they’re proud hosts of some of the best pieces of cinematic work.

Here are five such pieces of work, that deserve every guys time.

The Punisher

I don’t know why this hasn’t got the kind of attention it deserves.

Truly underrated. Netflix should definitely rethink and announce its third season.

Follow Frank Castle's journey, a former Force Recon Marine, on and about his rampage through New York, as he sets out to avenge his family’s death.

Very well choreographed hand to hand combat sequences.

Extremely well paced.

Worthy of a binge watch.

What makes it so likeable ? The fact that the lead, albeit a super tough guy who you definitely wouldn’t mess with, does get hurt physically, a lot !

Peaky Blinders

I’m halfway through the second season of this beauty of a show.

I have to say, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic when its came to watch this show. Thanks to a top advisor, I did.

A British Crime Drama set in the 1910’s, following the story of Tommy Shelby, who leads a notorious gang based in Birmingham, in the aftermath of World War 1.

Jack Ryan

I absolutely love the movie. I loved the web series just as much.

A CIA analyst who is thrown from the comforts of his desk job onto the field.

I do feel Chris Pine settles himself slightly better into the shoes of Jack Ryan as opposed to John Krasinski.

But again, that is only a matter of perspective.

Whereon one hand the movie is tight and keeps you on the edge of the seat, the web show allows way more time for you to grow with the character.

Cast Away

If you haven’t seen this. Please stop reading. Make sure you’re free tonight and put this on.

One of the finest performances by Tom Hanks.

Follows the journey of a Fed Ex employee, Chuck Noland, who finds himself desolated on an island after his plane crashes in the Pacific.

With no ways to escape, this story is about his new ways of survival and finally making it home.

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