India and It's Neighbours

Militancy and Terrorism

It’s imperative we understand the differences between Militancy and Terrorism.

All terrorists are militants. All militants are not terrorists.

Terrorism is carried out by non governmental groups. They can resort to violence, mass massacres as a means to attain their political, idealogical and religious goals.

Militants never actively engage in violence but they resort to verbal violence and propaganda. They use confrontational tactics against the centre to establish and promote their religious, idealogical and political goals. If they aren’t met, they resort to terrorism thereby deeming themselves as a terrorist group.

Militancy is relatively subtle if put next to terrorism.

Subtle. Not less damaging. It needs to be identified.

And it is just as dangerous if not more.

Terrorism is anything but subtle. They propel the former’s agenda on the front foot.

It’s imperative to have that demarcation understood, especially when you’re talking about geopolitics.

India’s Moral Compass

Let me begin by talking about my country. Since there are a plethora of points to cover its best I attack the core of it first.

India , from a behavioural aspect , never in its existence has ever entered foreign territory to cause trouble uncalled for. It has always been about retaliation. We have never been an agressor.

Ahinsa param dharma, dharma hinsa tathev ch.

What our Nation stands for. Which basically translates to -

It is our duty to follow the path of non violence, but when there is conflict on your country , religion, all violence is justified.

India as a nation gained independence in 1947. As a result of the Two Nation theory, which very simply put states people of two mazhabs ( religions ) are not meant to coexist in the same country, Pakistan was formed under the lead by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Kashmir and ISPR

At the time of the partition, the then ruler of Kashmir, Hari Singh, delayed on his decision to unify Kashmir with India.

By that time, the northwestern frontier province already saw a conflict taking shape by the support of our beloved neighbours. This was the origin of the Kashmir Conflict.

In 1989 Kashmir exploded in everyones face. A direct result of the so called Afghan jihad. In 1979 the soviets crossed over into Afghanistan, they left in 1989.

From hereon began the journey of Kashmir from an ' Azad Kashmir ' to chanting slogans of ' Sharia ya Shahadat ' ( Muslim law or Martyrdom ) .

Around the same time the Kashmir conflict bore presence, Pakistan was forming its most significant unit - the ISPR ( Inter Services Public Relations ). Simply put, this units job was to spearhead propagandas, false allegations, morph the truth and present it to the world. Masters of it they were.

Case in point, Kunan Poshpora. Ask any Kashmiri youth about the incidents of Kunan Poshpora and they will swear their life on it that it happened. What happened exactly ? Something which happened when they weren’t even born ? Kunan and Pushpura were two neighbouring villages. In 1991, the Pakistani Army through its militia and insurgency troops started the narrative that the Indian Army massacred , raped and destroyed the entire two villages.

The Indian Army did enter the two villages. Only when it had been overflown with terrorist groups and notorious activity was rampant.

I’ll give you a small example from across the border and you’ll let your senses take over.

The Construct of Pakistan and Bengal’s Liberation

Pakistan claims it was us who trained the Mukti Bahini. The Mukti Bahini was Bengal’s Liberation Army which was leading the movement against Pakistan for Bangladesh’s independence.

I say it is a fact. We did train the Mukti Bahini. From mining bombs, to holding a weapon, close and long range combats, we did it. The RAW did it.

And I’ll tell you why East Pakistan turned to us for alliance. A small anecdote because the larger picture is too big a ground to cover here.

The war on Bangladeshis, on Pakistan’s front was being led by a General Tikka Khan,

General Tikka Khan in a closed room meeting on the same, famously said “ Main inn Bangladeshiyon ki Nasal Badal dunga”

There was a Bangladeshi Officer Present in the room and upon hearing this being spoken about his women and children , he went out and shot himself in the head with his service pistol.

Mind you General Tikka Khan did exactly that. Post the war of 1971, there was an inquiry led on the atrocities of the war, led by a Bengali Chief Justice, Hamudoor Rahaman.

It is clearly written in the Hamudoor Commission report. Tikka Khan ordered his troops to rape 10 lakh Bengali Women and murder over 30 lakh Bengalis in cold blood.

The Government and the then President , Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto , self admittedly kept the first draft of the report under wraps to save its military’s honour.

Understand the construct of a country like Pakistan.

Pakistan in its operation, and as also written and spoken about by one of its leading diplomat and advisors to former PM’s Nawaz Shariff and Benazir Bhutto, Mr. Hassan Haqqani , is a semi authoritarian and a dysfunctional state.

And it’s not like it has got its chances.

Speaking for today, I think we need to replicate the support we provided to the Mukti Bahini in 1971, and extend it to our Baloch brothers. If you’re not familiar with the situation in Balochistan, I urge you to look into it.

Kargil and Siachen

Now Pakistan in its hunt for territorial claims, the only thing they know of, was looking at occupying the Siachen Glacier when they got to know India was making a move on it.

Trying to do so covertly of course.

Expect Pak to slip up, over plan and under execute.

The Pak army had placed an order for over 2000 pieces of extreme condition clothing from a dealer in London. What they forgot to check in was if he was supplying to anyone else as well.

The London based dealer called up a friend of his who was an agent of RAW and that’s how the Indian Army was alerted in time to make the first move.

In 1984, Captain Sanjay Kulkarni of the Kumaon Regiment was successful in capturing this territory along with his men. As strict orders from the army, radio silence was to be maintained so as the enemy wouldn’t be alerted. Alas that had to be broken when one of the soldiers had fallen fatally ill.

When it broke, the Pak Army got to know that we had already laid claim on the Siachen territory . At the time, the then DG Military Operations of Pakistan, proposed a plan to the PM, Benazir Bhutto. The plan was to cut off access and supply chain of essentials to the Indian troops posted at Siachen.

The proposal was rubbished off by the PM. But the DG MO kept bringing the same proposal on the table and every time it was brushed aside.

Until one day he was promoted to the position of Chief of Army Staff by Nawaz Sharif in 1998.

His name was Parvez Musharraf.

The plan was put in effect. And this was the beginning of the Kargil War.

Standing today, there’s not a sign of a single Pakistani Soldier on the Siachen Glacier till date. Alas, they want to claim Lahore is Siachen Glacier, which they very well can.

We face China in Ladakh and Pakistan in J&K.

We have a 760 km long Line of Control, a very volatile one at that, and we have to defend it . Because like it or not, the army is, was, and will be the states final argument. There is nobody to turn to after the army.

In 1989 Kashmir exploded in everyones face. A direct result of the so called Afghan jihad. In 1979 the soviets crossed over into Afghanistan, they left in 1989.

It was at this time that President Zia ul Haq launched Operation Tupac, to disintegrate India and promote insurgency , separatists, militia and terror in Kashmir. A Proxy war at the most, because history is proof of their cowardliness when it comes to fighting face to face. This was the seed of formation for the Lashkar e Taiba.

In the initial stages of the Kashmir conflict in the 90’s, you must recall a group by the name of JKLF. The Jammu and Kashmir liberation federation.

The first and last group to have a Kashmiri Name.

Today the groups are active in Kashmir are The Lashkar e Taiba, The Jaish e Mohammad, Harkat ul ansar, Last tigers, Al Badar. All Arabic names.

Present day, when we see stone pelting in Kashmir, you see the ISIS flag, a flag of the Islamic State.

You see today reports about 5 year old kids being injured by the Indian army. Stop to think who put that kid in front of a military bunker in the first place. What parent would do that ?

Only to serve the purpose of politicising the death and body of a 5 year old kid, who had no idea what he was being shoved into. To create a martyr overnight.

These highlights are merely to show you that things are not as black and white as you think they would be in Kashmir.

Understand your enemy.

When Nawaz Shariff was going public on his ideology of maintaining a state of Peace with India, little did he know what he was getting into.

He was in London for a by pass surgery and given a visit by the Chief of ISI. It is said that he had a change of heart overnight. He was mauled by his own army for speaking his mind.


After the school bombings in Peshawar the Pak army wanted to be seen by their people as the saviours of the day, for justice shall be served. Swiftly and promptly.

Within 24 hours they launched F 16s to take out entire villages in north Waziristan. Killing their own people. No judge no jury.

We are sieged with Caliphates in every mosque , in every madrasa in the name of the freedom movement in Kashmir, yet people in our own country want to look at their ‘ human rights ‘ , turning a blind eye to the army protecting them.

When you scream and make an issue of Burhan Wani and Riyaaz Naikoo. What would you expect of the army when they’re dealing with an individual who picked up a gun against the state. They will be shot again and again.

Another anecdote as to why the Indian Army is better known as the Moral Army.

On one of its operations the Indian Army was supposed to revive hostages held by an insurgent group in Kashmir.

One of those hostages was the Son of Sayeed Salahudeen , the head of the Hiz-bul-Mujahideen, a pro Pakistani Kashmiri Separatist Militant Group.

India has never been an aggressor. Never has it stepped on foreign soil to create nuisance and turmoil. Only when it has come upon their motherland have we have gone front footed, as we bloody well should.

China’s Expansionist and Hegemonist Regime

Most recently we saw the developments of tension brewing in the Galwan Valley where the Chinese troops were coming threateningly close to the Line of Actual Control.

A mere act of posturing and power display at the most. China knows it cannot afford to go to war with India. It’s army is just not bloody battle hardened enough.

Disengagement talks were held on military and diplomatic levels on the 6th of June with the hope of de-escalation.

On the 14th when the Indian Soldiers were asked by their company commanders to do a survey of the affected areas, the Chinese army taking cover, attacked unarmed Indian soldiers.

They again underestimated the damage coming their way, at the hands of our soldiers, albeit unarmed.

Now you may ask why our soldiers were unarmed in the first place. For this I’ll take you to 1996 when a treaty was signed between India and China which nullified the use of force or carry of weapons along the line of actual control which is shared by India and China.

Simply put, when soldiers on each side were on their patrolling rounds, they were not supposed to be carrying any arms on them. We abided by it. They did not

Chinas expansionists aspirations are not limited to India.

As I write this, China has ongoing border disputes with 22 countries. To name a few, Bhutan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and to top it off, Russia. Yes, Russia. A country China doesn’t even share a border with.

In todays day and age where diplomacy and state craft are a form of subtlety - boasting of your countries tanks, missiles, nuclear power is far from being dignified.

Which begs the question. Why is China out on a limp to upset the whole world.

Well, there is one aspect to it. Semi Authoritarian and Authoritarian states like Pakistan, China, North Korea respect strength and authority till the time the person in question is in power.

They’re used to being told what to do. How to live. With a guiding force of almost a dictatorship, under the farce of communism sometimes. For Pakistan it’s the Pakistani Army. For the Chinese it’s the CCP.

For the people in authority however, things look gloomy post retirement.

As soon as the reign ends, they’re looking at being vanished from multiple parties.

It’s a power drug they are on that’s bound to come to a disastrous end. As long as the leaders are in power, they’re well respected and taken care of. As soon as their reign ends their opposition is after their lives.

It’s not about an ambition of never ending, not to mention highly bizarre, territorial claims. For Xi Jin Ping, it is a matter of his survival.

It is about the imbalance of power in his own country. The posturing, territorial claims, expansionism is all an escape to survive from the wraths of his own political oppositions, breeding against him in his own country.

Pick up Pakistan’s history of Prime Ministers. Some were assassinated , some imprisoned, some on the run.

Why ? Effectively Pakistan is a semi authoritarian state. The Prime Minister is a facade, with the army running the show.

When General Qamal Javed Bajwa of Pakistan had to hang his shoes, he decided not to, and made sure of a 3 year extension post his retirement.

Alas, when you have a joke , a puppet, for a Prime Minister, he will obey to all your fancies like a lapdog.

Funny enough, General Bajwa, albeit in service, is not even living in Pakistan anymore.

Pakistan is always on the lookout for a new guardian. Neck deep in debt with no bail outs, it's happy to comply and nod to everything the dragon says.


The Wuhan Virus began taking over the world well in January - February 2020. There was a huge chunk of a time within which the concerned authorities could’ve given a heads up of what was coming our way. We all know how that turned out.

Look at it step by step. Wuhan, a fairly negligent city, in the larger scheme of things for China, became a war like zone with casualties in lacs. Funny how even then it didn’t reach the top dogs like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen.

Let’s keep aside for a minute the fact that repeated studies have shown the construct of the virus to be a lab manufactured result.

Despite knowing the compounding capabilities of this virus and the impeding threats, China was mute.

Even right now , when there should be a separate investigation well on its way into its origins, China is making every effort to not let that happen.

It strategically destroyed parts of itself whilst causing unparalleled collateral damage. And naturally it was the first to restart and reboot its economy. What we call the first mover advantage whilst the other countries are still coping with piling bodies and casualties.

That however is not helping a lot . China is going through it’s worst economic trajectory in years.

This past week the Chinese Ambassador to Israel was found dead in his apartment in Tel Aviv. China was swift in sending an entire team to investigate the same. Where was the swiftness when it came to cleaning their own backyards back in October.

China and the CCP are not new to this.

Going to lengths to consolidate their agenda.

Mao Tse Tung, a tyrant of the 20th century, in an attempt to convert China from an agrarian to an industrial economy killed between 20-46 million between within 1958 to 1962.

Look at a more recent example.

When Hong Kong was freed of The British Empires rule in 1997, a treaty was signed stating that HK will function as a separate entity till the year 2047, before it rejoins China. Cut to 2019, and you see China gnawing over its territorial claims, banishing protestors.

I think it is with good reason we’re seeing the impositions on the Chinese government, from countries around the world.

Modi adjusted his FDI policies, wherein now any investment coming in from China will not be automated before being sanctioned by the Indian Government.

Trump’s Trade Wars with China, or the latest to join, Boris Johnson’s initiative to limit Chinese investments in the UK.

Today China wants to project power, stature. It wants to be seen as a country who’s leading the world out of the Wuhan Virus Situation.

Out of the 1 million PPE kits it had supplied to India, 95.6 percent were declared faulty products.

India on the other hand , with whatever it can do, has been at the forefront of providing solutions, Hydroxy Chloroquine.

Not even getting into the fact that they delivered PPE kits and masks worth millions to Pakistan - made out of used undergarments.

If you look at China and Pakistan, you will find uncanny copycats.

It’s a whole other discussion, which I will save for some other time, as to how China flexes its deep pockets to debt trap poor countries, with the agenda to have them by their necks and do as they’re told.

The Chinese President has amassed unprecedented power at home. Now he’s putting his country on the highway to doom.

China’s economic plight is increasing by the day. A sort of first, China has no economic targets for this year.

Like I said before, China is an economic superpower, not a military one. Economic growth stands of utmost importance to Chinas rulers. It gives them political legitimacy.

They tremor at the idea of a recession which is why they force feed credit - to end up debt trapping smaller and poor countries. It’s a bubble that’s been created. As of this year, Chinas debt is almost 300 % of its GDP.

What does a leader do when he cannot mend things at his home. He projects an image of a threat to national security and pose himself as the saviour. Today China has military standoffs in 6 regions.

The world will come back to normal. But the more important question is, how do these events of the past year dictate and amend the world’s relationship with China.

What measures, impositions, boundaries are we going to create for a better tomorrow ?

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