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Evoque 2019 - TheTechMan

The Tech Man Series revolves around major developments in the field of technology, automotive and society in general. No heavy jargons. Just simple insights- for folks like us.

Now let me begin by saying I’m an all and all Evoque fan. Through and through.

Striking the right balance between city drive and off roading. Strong aesthetics. With a solid process engine to back it up with.

Over 217 awards under its hatchet and over 750,000 Global sales, the 2011 Julian Thompson design still resonates with buyers to date.

Having said that I did have my apprehensions about the upgrades. Why would you want to mess around with a design that’s worked amazingly well since its inception a decade back ?

Needless to say though, Land Rover did not disappoint.

The big news is that the 2019 Evoque sits on JLR’s all-new Premium Transverse Architecture platform, which is capable of accommodating internal combustion engines (ICE), plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and full electric vehicle (EV) drivetrains.

To the design, Land Rover has been careful not to mess with an already winning design. Compact proportions, clean lines, super clean surfaces. The good amendments are the proportions with the wider wheelbase leading to more cabin space and bigger wheels.

Evoque is not your typical run of the mill cross over. The tech inside is updated to a three screen infotainment system.

The exterior construct is of steel, which I’d say is a good choice over aluminium. Aluminium sections are bulkier in comparison, naturally taking up much more space.

The seamless pop out handles have been borrowed from the larger Velar, contributing to a smoother exterior that emphasise a strong shoulder line and sloping roof.

A huge upgrade in the tech is the rear view camera mirror, which allows the driver to switch between the mirror and the camera views. Another one is the Ground View camera system with feed from cameras placed on the door mirrors and the front grille.

The ride quality is more in tune with the other products Land Rover has to offer. The drive is impeccably smooth, quiet and refined, with very impressive off-roading capabilities.

All in all, far more rounded, well centred and matured than its predecessor.

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