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Conor McGregor - The Fighting Irish

Conor McGregor is a phenomenon that the world has got to see off barely once in every half a century. The fighting Irish Man is known for a lot of things standing as of today in 2020 but what really lies in the core of all the peripherals, his businesses included, is a constant obsession with the combat sport.

Now I’m not going to make this a bullet point article with things to preach on. I’m just going to talk about his journey, what I think were unparalleled highlights. And if you take something away from it, sweet !

An undeniable force to say the least.

From the small lanes of Crumlin, Dublin, he rose and reigned on unparalleled heights of UFC history.

Leaving his marks inside and outside the octagon, McGregor essentially can be seen as a One Man Enterprise.

On the way to his debut fight in the UFC against Marcus Brimage, he had stopped to pick up his dole payment of a 188 Euros. By the time he had finished his fight, he had a cheque for 76,000 US dollars in his pocket. 16 for the fight. And 60 for the best knockout of the night, very generously offered by the UFC.

A very rare quality, I myself have had the pleasure of experiencing, is his ability to never back down from a good fight.

For his featherweight title shot against the then reigning undefeated champion Jose Aldo, the UFC put together a world tour, the likes of which were never seen before for the fans, to serve the catapulting stardom of Conor McGregor.

Aldo backed out weeks before the fight due to a sparring injury. McGregor still showed up to fight.

Albeit for the Interim Featherweight title against Chad Mendes , number two in one behind Aldo, facing an opponent with a style completely opposite to what he had trained for, he still showed up.

Later in December that year, McGregor also went on to decapitate Jose Aldo, breaking his streak of a 10 year win.

Be it that or pouncing up on the 170 weight category, a completely non chartered territory for him and taking on a much bigger opponent, Nate Diaz, you cannot take away his ability to take risks and follow up on his word.

Loosing by submission in his first fight against Diaz, he returned 4 months later for the rematch, only to go the entire 5 rounds and win by decision.

Following that he obliterated Eddie Alvarez, a seasoned champion in a completely foreign division. Successfully going down in UFC’s history as the first fighter to hold two weight division belts at the same time.

McGregor undeniably put UFC on the map for the world.

Not just for what he was doing inside the octagon, but outside too. Being verbose at smack talk, ruminating how he would be finishing his opponents, and knowing his worth and what he was bringing to the table for the company of UFC.

He said what he was going to do. And he did it.

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