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Aditya Roy - Martial Artist, Storyteller & Musician

" I'm a martial artist, storyteller and musician staying in Moira, Goa. Ive spent the last 19 years studying and learning with various Indian and International masters. Ive trained in everything from Muay Thai to Kenjutsu. "

" 7 years ago I journeyed for the first time to the Philippines to train under the legendary master of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, GrandTuhon Leo T Gaje. In the process I became only the 2nd Indian to be accepted as a direct student and disciple of GrandTuhon. Since then I journey to the Philippines every year to continue my training. "

" I represent India in the Global PTK Convention where I teach, assist and fight as a representative of Pekiti Tirsia Kali India and GrandTuhon. "

" In May 2017 I moved to Goa to set up my own martial arts school. It's called LightHaven India and it is located in the village of Moira. There I work to fulfill the tasks given to me by my teachers of spreading the arts of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu. My aim is to slowly help establish Goa as the martial arts hub of India. "

" I was given the opportunity to train with a living legend in the world of martial arts.

The Grandmaster of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, GrandTuhon(GT) Leo T Gaje. "

" My first night I was given a knife and told to keep it on me at all times.

My first day of training I was handed a sword and with only a warning about its edge, I was sent to practice the skills I was shown just that day. "

" There was no breaking in period. No adjustment time. You were shown something and you were expected to learn it immediately. "

" GT would give you 5 minutes to practice and then come at you with a stick expecting you to demonstrate what you just learnt. You either got the technique or you got hit. We learnt through pain. Lots and lots of pain. "

" I got so used to spending my days fending off his attacks that he started to appear in my dreams. Stick, knife and sword in hand, shouting faster, harder as he tried to take my head off. "

" During that trip GT would often demonstrate on me. Much to his disdain I'd wince and scream. Him hitting me, throwing me, locking me hurt! "

" How do I stay silent?

Unable to crack the code, GT eventually stopped using me as a partner.

I remember being ashamed. Next time I went back to Bacolod, I swore I'd not make a sound."

" That's when my Eureka moment happened. "

" I realised that I was anticipating the pain before I was even hit. I was reacting to the fear of pain more than responding to the actual pain. "

" Once I kept my mouth shut and decided to take the beating, I realised how much I could take. Once I freed myself from the fear, my threshold for pain exponentially increased. "

" No longer did I dread the lessons. In fact through every beating I learnt more and more because my mind and body was finally free to absorb. "

" Fast forward many years, GT now calls me "Adi the Painless" and he loves demonstrating on me. I know that may not be the way for many others to learn but it did wonders for me. Especially during fighting. "

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