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A Boys Trip you wish existed !

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Imagine a weekend full of professional and personal epiphanies, creative breakthroughs, with handpicked Personalities you've never met. Stepping outside your comfort zone, whilst waking up in inspiring spaces, experiencing the culture, food and stories of a place through Local Entrepreneurs while participating in discussions, getting inspired and growing collectively.

Sounds too good to be true ?

This is what BossMan Ex. is all about.

From a 25 year old Guy, ready to take on the world, to a 75 year old Man who’s seen it almost all and still wants more - We’ve had the privilege of having them on BossMan and calling them friends today. 

Rocky, Anuj, Aditya and Shashank at Season 7 of BossMan in Goa.
BossMan Season 7, Goa

Our Manifesto - Find a set of Gentlemen, successful in their own capacities, who challenge and inspire you, spend time with them, and change your life.

Men of immense caliber come down from all over the country for an experience of adventure, growth and brotherhood. 

The common endeavour being - We all want to win. Why do it alone ? 

Where one day begins with building our own Kayaks and going Kayaking in the backwaters of the Mandovi River, another begins with conversations about our pocket of experiences over coffee.

Brainstorming with fellow BossMen, on love , life , screw ups , successes , businesses amidst the company of beer and bonfire. 

Mr. Dahiya, the oldest attending the season, talking about his days as a farmer and his journey to becoming a Poet and a Dynamic Perception Trainer for the Indian Special Forces.
Introduction Rounds, BossMan Season 7, Goa

Backstory sessions with fellow BossMen who you've never met before, become your extended family from hereon. 

Delve deep into the local plantations and make ourselves the age old local drinks, whilst training in the art of Street Survival. 

Meeting and dining with local entrepreneurs, creative artists, whilst navigating the night scene of a new town. 

And that's just scratching the surface for you.

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