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6 Reasons why you need a Boys Night

A. Ain’t No Superman

As much as we like role plays, imaginary world saving scenarios, creative ways to curb our hero complexes - We are not Superman, nor should we be.

We are not made of metal.

When you think of a Modern Man - you think of Income, Status, Success & Failures.

Why not celebrate your screw up ? Verbalise your conflict ? Celebrate the little decisions that have got you to where you are today.

After all, if you dig deep down, the basis and end point of this endless rat race we’re in is - Being Appreciated and Being Acknowledged.

Nobody does that better than your lads. They bring you up when you’re down. They humble you down when it’s needed. They’re the best therapists, the greatest confidantes, and the best wingmen.

B. When was the last time you made a new friend ?

Not a connection on LinkedIn. Not someone you met at a networking event. Not a colleague. Just a genuine friend, outside of your professional space. A bro, you want to get a beer with.

It’s a popular opinion. And with good reason of course. The kind of liberty and freedom you find as a student, you don’t get that elsewhere.

Having said that, that should be all the more reason to put yourself in new spaces and places, amidst new people.

Life as we know it, can become very caged, were we to restrict it to ourselves, the people we know, the food we eat, and the city we’ve grown up in.

C. A Brotherhood

Going through a financial crisis ? Maybe there’s a brother out there from another part of the world, going just through the same.

Going through a bad divorce ? Maybe there’s a brother out there from another part of the world, going just through the same.

Have a funny story to tell ? Maybe there’s a brother out there who wants to hear you out and share his own.

You would be surprised at how many brothers you will encounter, who have fought or are fighting the same shit you are.

D. Your Tribe. Your Vibe.

THINK - Tug of war. Arm Wrestling. Beer Pong. Barbeque.

Ok I’ll admit this is slightly traditional in more ways than one. But who’s getting hurt ?

The kind of camaraderie and bondings forged over an intense arm wrestling match or a tug of war - Mate, very few activities match up to that.

E. Poison

With no intent to go berserk, only to understand and segregate good liquor from the not so good ones.

Understand the make of the alcohol, its brewing, the notes on it. And most importantly. Learn how to have a good time whilst holding your drink. You’re not 18 anymore.

F. Happy Men’s Day ?

This is no secret. As much as all of us want Women to be appreciated, loved and respected - as they should be, every single day of the year - we need also give credit and respect to men where it’s due.

Unfortunately last I checked, there’s no such day assigned to us.

So, a boy’s night gives you that to keep you and your bravado in check. In the healthiest of ways.

To sum it all in a line - You’re your Story. Make sure it’s a good one. Make sure it’s a full one. Full of Memories, People and Places.

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