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10 Ways You can make 2019 different

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

1. Travel to a new location with a new set of people

Travel, as always is a crucial part of our time outs. Well travelled and well read. That’s at least what I aim for.

But even something as liberating as travel has the potential to become a lot more giving, if we think out of the box.

Experience is the new key. And travelling, culture and food are not the only two things which make or break the trip. It’s also the people you meet and interact with.

Think of it as a guilt free break, where you along with a bunch of folks like yourself come together in the beaches and mountains to share your stories, celebrate life, talk about each other’s work, and unanimously break the box.

You make memories. More so, you make friends for life.

2. Learn a new skill - I picked up woodworking and ukulele

A new skill. It’s a great exercise to keep your mind sharp, making it accustomed to operating a new skill set.

Could be anything. For me, it’s woodworking. Cultivating your own designs, choosing the right materials and equipments, and bringing those designs to life.

And the Ukulele. I’ve never been inclined per se, towards any musical instruments. But I am a big consumer of music. Blues, jazz, rock - you name it.

And it's an interesting change to see the magic in action. How the notes work, the pitch of the sound, the pace.

3. Start waking up at 4.30 am

Albeit, a simple principle, waking up early is probably the most effective change I’ve worked on for the past few months.

Get your coffee. Put on some blues. Take in the sun. Meditate.

You'll be Superman before noon.

4. Include Matcha in your tea

Matcha is something that I’ve been reading about, on and off, for the past 2 years.

So I decided to give it a shot. This stuff’s strong. You need about 5g and you’re set for the day.

Consider it a higher form of green tea.

Mind you, prefer to consumer the one grown in South America as opposed to China, to avoid any metals.

5. Get a pet

That's a first. I got a dog this year !

There are lots of pros and cons. Goes without saying.

But the one thing your dog is really good at is taking you away from your thinking about the non existent bullshit in your life.

6. Learn car restoration and maintenance

If you own a car. Or are planning on owning one.

Know the basics.

Changing the oil. Checking the tyres, the break pads. Checking the battery terminals. Changing a flat tyre.

It serves you well in the long run. Also pays off when you decide to sell it.

7. Learn History

Be aware of where you’re coming from. Why countries have the geo economic relations today that they do.

We’ve been through a mammoth of an evolution to stand where we are today. Know the beginnings.

How countries were shaped. Why wars were fought. What bred terrorism.

8. Change your training. I’ve shifted to bouldering.

And it is unparalleled fun.

Sure hitting the weights is always fun.

But shuffling it with new regimes, just makes training your lifestyle seamlessly.

They seem like picnics more than an obligation.

9. Pick up a genre of music you like eg. jazz and read about it

This, of course implies if you are a fan. If you’re not, do explore all the genres. You’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.

And read up. What gave birth to that genre.

The beginnings, notes, inspirations. You’ll be surprised.

10. Spend time with your elders

You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but in most cases, our elders have seen a lot more of life than you have.

Spend time with them. You might just find easy answers to the most complicated questions hovering inside you.

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