You Mirin’ Brah? 5 Steps to Building a Strong Physique – FITNESS 101


Welcome Gentlemen. Let me ask you this.


Have you ever found yourself after a days of work, pulling yourself together, snuffling in a gym session to come home and  scroll down through your IG looking at guys with a ripped 6 pack, 18 inch biceps, a 46 inch chest and their ‘swag’ mode on? The kind who look like they don’t leave the gym but make it look all so easy and make you question yourself, your life, and basically what the fuck are you doing wrong.


Well, welcome to the club.


Give me a second to talk about this issue that I’m seeing more and more of every day.


First off I want to tell you don’t fall for the trap - Social media. I’m not calling anyone out but the reality is its all structured.. fabricated.. and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to riddle that.


The content you're exposed to online is people like you and me presenting to the world the ‘Engineered happy moments’ only. Don’t be dismissive of this notion. Its a fact. Just because you're not waking up with a 10 pack like Dave’sFitWorld with 70k followers on IG or posting a motivational quote in the gym like MirandaAesthetics doesn't mean you're behind.


I don’t care if you have 70 or 700k followers, everybody has their issues, they just don’t show it on social media profiles. And rightly so.


It’s the aesthetics era. It started with us but the generation after us is literally growing up watching them. Fitness models look the way they look for a reason. They're paid a shit load of money to keep every ounce of fat off their body.


Now back to the topic.


Im not going into the steroid discussion. What I am talking about is supplements. I see kids in my gym coming up to me and the boys asking for a miracle pill or a shake. Seriously man? Its ridiculous and scary.


BCAA’s, glutamine, creatine, fat burners, ZMA, pre workouts, intra workouts.. and thats just your ‘essentials’ today.


I have been training for a good 6 years now and I never consumed anything apart from whey to meet my dietary needs. I’ll talk about myself here.. I refrained from these products because I know the moment I get off these I’m back to square one. And I was always in it for the long run.. this is kinda the old school mentality here Im speaking about but its still around for a reason. 


Granted I don't boast a model's physique, but then I don't need to. If circumstances, say a photoshoot, needs me to get into that shape, I can get to that point in a week without harming my insides. 


Why you ask? Only because I'm using SUPPLEMENTS when I need to reach that CONDITIONING. Do I need an 8 pack and 4% body fat all year round? 


Hell no.


Believe you me when I tell people that I only use a whey supplement they look at me like I just asked them for both kidneys.




Im giving you 5 steps to get and keep the body you want without you splurging on medical in your 60’s.

A.Decide the kind of physique you want to go for. Have a clear visual of what you want to look like. Visualise that every time you enter to train. Could be big and muscular could be lean and athletic. Decide.


B.Learn how to use supersets, tri sets and drop sets. In other words, make failure your friend in the gym. It is your JOB to demolish the muscle you're working. As long as you make sure of that .. and a couple of other things .. you’re cool.


C.Make a diet. Everyone in the world knows whats good and whats bad. Basics are easy. Your main meals are your breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 - 3 snacks in between. ( You need to alter this for yourself )

Breakfast - P+C+F+F1

Snack - P+C+nuts for fats

Lunch - P+C

Snack - P+ Fruit + Coffee

Dinner - P+C( if you feel like you need it )


( P - protein, C - carbs, F - fat, F1 - fruit )


D.   Cardio. Run. You'll fall in love with it. If its muscle building you're looking for run in the morning at a steady pace to loose fat. If its endurance go for timing. Its detox for your insides.


And don't gimme that shit - lift faster, thats your cardio. Ima whoop your tiny punk ass right now.


E.   Train at home when you cant go to the gym. Pushups + Planks + Squats + Stomach crunches + Cardio = More than enough ass kicking for the day.


And there you have it gentlemen.


Train to build a body that does something. Don’t train to be another all show no go.




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