What Not To Do on Your Date – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Gentlemen. So what’s this I’m hearing? You have a date?



Why would you do that? I don’t like this. NO .. NO NO me go.




BUT! Not before I give you my 5 tips on how not to screw it up!


So for those of you who have a date coming up , or are going to ask the special lady out on a date here’s 5 things you can NOT do which would make all the difference in the world. Trust me.


A.   DO NOT shove the bill in their face, even humorously.. just don’t.


We've all been there. You signal for the cheque and fear those 2 seconds of awkwardness where you're not sure if you pay yourself or dutch… Yeah gives me the goosebumps thinking about it.

Always take care of the cheque. Never ever shove it in her face EVEN if you're about to crack the  funniest joke. Just don't .. Okay?


PRO TIP - look if she initiates the cheque dance. Is she making an effort to dutch or pay? By all means, take care of the bill unless she resists too much, in which case split the bill.

If she does the cheque dance you're on the right track. If she ignores the cheque like its not even there, well.. take a few steps back bud.


B.   DO NOT Talk too much.

Its one of those classics you can never go wrong with, can you now? Really listen to what she has to say.

As exciting as your story is, never speak out of turn, wait for her to finish and then speak.

While we are at it lil suggestion, try not dragging whatever it is you're trying to say. Speak to the point, clear and precise.


C.   NEVER EVER Sit down before the lady.

Gentlemen as you approach your table in the restaurant, make sure of this. If one of the stewards is pulling out the chair for her and not you, wait for her to settle down and then take your seat.

Gentlemen its the little things that matter. And she notices, believe you me.


D.   DO NOT SIT THERE IDLY if she needs to go to the washroom.

If she needs to go to the ladies room escort her. She might say no but insist. If she still says no, you wait.


E.   DO NOT SHUSH the waiter.

He’s a waiter, not a servant. Treat them with respect. Forget doing it for the ladies, it’s just good manners.

Ask for them by saying ‘ Excuse Me ‘ and thank them when you're done.


Lastly while you're leaving tip them if you can.

You instantly feel better about yourself too. So really its a win-win for everyone!


I read this quote somewhere and I thought it was so true “ Your character is defined by what you do for those who cant do anything for you in return. “


So there ya have it mi familia. Kill it.

One ManUP out.


4 Comments on “What Not To Do on Your Date – LIFESTYLE 101’s

  1. Sir, thanks for the tips.! Really clarified what I was worried with regard to the bill!! Point about the waiter is highly appreciated!

    1. Glad it helped you Sindhla. Comment or drop an us an email with your questions. Keep looking at this space for all the answers.

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