The Y Chromosome Concoction. 5 Steps to the One ManUP Drink – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Every man needs a man’s drink. A man up drink of sorts. THE ONE MANUP DRINK aka THE GO TO DRINK aka THE AWESOMENESS DRINK.


Given the kind of lives we live, I think it'll be slightly too wild and unjust to resort to your favourite bourbon to get you your kick for the day. A tad bit wild ain it.


Which is why, God created coffee.


Not just any coffee, strong, freshly brewed, full bodied rich coffee.


Yeah… I can see the caffeine kicking in you just reading about it.


You’re in luck today gentlemen. I’ve decided I’m going to share with you my secret way to make good coffee better, and better coffee, the best. A trick I’ve been using for years. Coffee is an indispensable part of my morning routine and this twist makes it all the more better.


Call it a secret if you may. Starting now - Manning UP with the One ManUP Drink.


Things you need - A coffee bean grinder ( If you're using coffee beans. No need if you're working with coffee powder ).


A coffee Machine.


Coffee Beans / Powder.


Water. Condensed milk.


A.  Take two handfuls of Vietnamese coffee beans / powder. Grind em till you shine em.


B.  Let your coffee maker do what it does best.


C.  This is where you shine now. Heads Up - While it gets brewed, add a tablespoon of condensed milk.


D.  Pour hot coffee over it. Let it sit there for a minute.


E.  Now stir.


And there you have it.

Your very own cup of One ManUP.


Bonus Tip - Use it to impress the ladies too. A man needs to know his coffee well.


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