The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for 6 Pack Abs – FITNESS 101’s




Every guy has them, every guy wants them. Question is, how do you get to show them?


They’re in season all year round. And they should be.


Nothing talks about the fitness levels of a person more than a flat stomach.


Precisely why I’m sharing these 5 hacks with you, which have worked for us and our clients in the past. If you’re a beginner, we suggest you train under a supervisor who makes sure you're not overdoing anything.


Without further ado, I give you gentlemen what you're here for.


5 Hacks to Show your Abs.


A.  Increase Fibre in Dinner.


Us Indian men are guilty of messing around with our dinner timing and sizing. And It’s okay !

It happens to the best of us all the time. It’s all about getting back on track remember that.


So, for abs, you're gonna have to keep it light at dinner. More protein, little bit of healthy fat, more fibre. Reason being, fibre is easily digested and speeds up your metabolism.


B.  Cut Alcohol. Up black coffee.


We don’t want to see you killing your hard work over a weekend of pints. C’mon it’s time for some tough love now.


No Alcohol if you want abs. Good News is I’m giving you a substitute for that, and that’s BLACK COFFEE. Drink a cup half an hour before training. On the plus side, it serves as your pre workout too.


So you're saving money and getting Abs. Congrats!


Coffee boosts metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids due to its stimulating effect on the central nervous system - hence helping you burn away the extra fat.


C.  100 Side Twists before workout. Activates the core.


This is a personal ritual. Works for me. See if it works for you.


I like to begin with a 100 - 150 side twists for the obliques before my workouts - that is if I’m focussing on my abs at the time and want them to show. It activates my core and is sort of meditative to begin with.


D.  Bodyweight stuff to strengthen your core


So the first 3 points were for aesthetics. But functionality always trumps aesthetics, at least for me.


It’s about what your body can do and a bit of how it looks.


Use bodyweight exercises to build core strength. It’s the hardest task to manage your own body weight. Master that, and you're only going to go up from there. In this case - Pull Ups and Push Ups, old fashioned classics which will never let you down.


And you have no excuses to run away with. No equipment needed here.


F.  Fasted Cardio. Cardio always over crunches for One ManUP.


This is like the tried and tested, fail proof secret, which I’ve kept out there for everyone. Cardio, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, for 30 - 40 minutes, 3 times a week, will have you rocking abs in no time my friend.


Keep in mind, consistency is the key. Nothing comes overnight. Do your due diligence, put in the hours, and nothing can stop you from getting the results.


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One ManUP Out.


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