The Top Tip to Burn Fat – FITNESS 101


Gentlemen . I speak on behalf of all of you and correct me if I’m wrong but our number one top notch priority is to rock a low body fat year round. Ain’t it?


Am I right or am I right?


It’s something we struggle with and aspire for the most. And as we age we need to fight harder to keep the fat at bay because of a declining metabolism.


So, without further ado, let’s wage the war on fat openly!!


I empathise with those of you who have tried to look for information on how to drop fat and have been overwhelmed with an overdose of information.


I get it. It has happened to me. And I’m not gonna do that to you.


I’m just giving you One Tip. That One Tip which I would choose if I were allowed to do only one thing to torch the fat. That One Tip which is a One Stop Shop for Fats-Ville.


Alright, you ready?


Here we go.


Over the years, I have trained to bulk up, cut down, for speed, for strength, for stamina. But my number one goal, at least at the back of my mind, has been purely to look ripped with a flat stomach.


When I sport a low body fat, I feel fantastic. It gives me the best feeling and that is - I AM IN SHAPE. I feel invincible. And so will you.


And this is what’s kept me in shape.


Early morning Cardio sessions on an empty stomach.


In a crux, you're depleted when you sleep because you've been fasting for 6 - 8 hours so your body is empty. When you wake up to run, your body utilises fat for energy hence directly attacking what you want.


Initially you might find it a bit of a struggle to cope with early mornings and cardio! But worry not. No one says you cant surrender to a cup of coffee before hitting the ground.


Now what works is sorted. How does it work is the next question.


I believe in applying, experimenting and testing to see what works on my body because I'm very aware what might work for someone else might not work for me. Having said that, this approach is unanimous in its results. Yup.. it's that good.


I believe in my HIIT and low steady paced methods for cardio.


I alternate between the two. So say Mondays its HIIT and then Tuesdays its low paced steady cardio.


For starters I’d say go with low steady paced cardio. See how it works for you. 45 - 60 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week will do wonders for your body and mind.


For low paced cardio you need to be calculating your optimum heart rate for the fat burning zone.


So what you need to do is, take your age and subtract it from 220.


Now multiply that figure with two numbers - 0.6 and 0.75.

These two numbers are where your heart rate should be for optimum fat loss.


Lemme do that quickly to show you better.


So I’m 24.


Thats 220 - 24 = 196.

196 times 0.6 = 118

196 times 0.75 = 147


So to burn fat my BPM ( beats per minute ) should fall in between 118 - 147 BPM.


Easy right? Good.


Try this for a month and gentlemen monitor your progress. Results will be your biggest motivation and results come as a result of monitoring your progress.


I prefer using pictures to monitor a week by week progress, you can do that too, but if a weight scale suits you better go for that. Let me know how well it works out for you.


And there you have it, you just levelled up your training. Now apply it and level up.


One ManUP out.


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