The Art of Getting Her Number in 5 Steps – PICKUP 101


Welcome Gentlemen.


Yes I know you've had a hard week. You worked hard. Whats that? Over time? Man are you on a roll!! And now its Friday! Hashtag TGIF!!


You’re out and about in town with your buddies when you see her. You lay your eyes on her and day dream about your first date, first kiss… first baby.. JESUS! Stop there already papa bear. Hold em guns my son.


But now the day dream’s over and you have to talk to her. But oh wait

“Is my hair okay? Am I looking fat? I knew I shouldn't have put on this shirt today?”

Sound familiar?


This is where I come in to save you from just looking at her and going back home. Guys SHE can be your future wife - the mother of your future junior alphas. GO GET HER. IMMA SHOW YOU HOW DOE.




A. Don’t be a pussy. Grab em balls papa bear gave you and MAN UP SAN!


B.  Do not get stuck in your analysis paralysis. You see her you like her you go talk to her you get her.


No um but wait maybe ..I should say this or that.. hows my hair - screw that.


Think straight look straight focus your energy on your feet and walk like a beast.


C. The approach. Lock eyes. Introduce yourself.


Here comes the attitude bit you guys need to grasp. It is not your obligation to keep talking when you approach your lady. You're not obliged to impress her. You're walking up to her to see if you two connect, match, fit. So do that. Give her the space to participate and engage you. Go beyond the looks and see if you actually like her.


A lot of guys ask me about how do they keep the conversation going. Easy. First off I’m sure you can relate to this, you're talking to a girl, she's nice you're having a great time, she's laughing at all your jokes but oh wait whats on your mind my man -


What do i say next? How do I Charm her? God I hate awkward pauses.


Well don’t. Get this - Love Awkward pauses gentlemen.  Judge for yourself - A 10 second pause with nice eye contact or a 10 second rant where you blabber crap just to fill in the space.


This way you also put her on the spot to engage you. And it should always ALWAYS be that way.


D. Step 4. Go for the kill. Come up with your version of -


“ It was lovely meeting you, I need to get back to my mates though now. Give me your number and we can meet up for coffee sometime next week.”


What this does is two things  -

a. It shows integrity. You're not ditching your pals for her.

b. It shows you can step back which makes her want you more.


E.  Last step. Call her up. Don’t text. Not that its a big no from my side but calling shows confidence.

Call her and ask her out for coffee the good old fashioned way.


And there you have it.


Guys don’t overcomplicate it. You're a heterosexual guy who loves women and women LOVE being approached. So do it. Don’t analyse it coz you're not going to get any magical answers.


Just do it.


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