Spruce Shave Club : To The Best Shave of Your Life – GROOMING 101’s


Would you believe it if I were to tell you, the biggest grooming brand for Men in the world – Gillette is about to get a run for its money. Not just by any other International brand, but our very own home grown home bred – Spruce Shave Club.



Albeit in its nascent stages, Spruce Shave Club is the fastest growing Grooming brand there is in Delhi NCR today.


I wasn’t aware of them, before I received a call from Mr. Lalit Advani, the founder, on a Saturday afternoon while I was deciding which book to buy between Tim Ferris’s 4 hour series and Bukowski’s Hollywood. I know. Talk about extremes.


Needless to say, with a brand like theirs approaching One ManUP, we acted fast. 3 days later a meeting happened on a Tuesday morning. I was initiated into the entire scheme of products. With the kind of technology and cost effectiveness behind it, me or anybody for that matter would be willing to vouch for it.



As a business, our job at One ManUP is to be excruciatingly specific about what brands we are dealing with and why. Spruce Shave Club was almost a no – brainer.


Aditya Advani, the man behind it all, is a solid guy himself. Having discussed his endeavours with Spruce Shave Club at length, it’s safe to say its all uphill from here.


What’s more is they make complete use of organic products – covering the entire cycle of what men could, should, would need on their faces – without breaking your wallet.



Be that there Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Shaving gel with anti fungal qualities or the antiseptic and anti oxidant qualities of its lemon and ginger shave gel.


And we’re nowhere close to over yet. Spruce Shave Club makes sure you look dapper while going about your daily routine – credit to its traveller kits. Made out of durable waxed canvas fabric – spacious and water resistant.


Long story short, Spruce Shave Club is too good to pass, and are now the Grooming Partners for One ManUP.


Please do your wallets and faces a favour. Head over to and check out www.spruceshaveclub.com


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