The Modern Man’s Guide To Hairstyling – FASHION 101’s


Alright, for starters, we’re going with Route B today. Our Intern aka RUDYMOSHAI has been handed over the “Modern – Man’s – Fashionista – Guiding” Cap.  AND WHY NOT !

Does the boy know his stuff ? Hell Yes.

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The Modern Man’s Guide To Hairstyling 

I just love them and I do so because a new hairstyle can completely change a person’s appearance. Personally I have tried a few of the latest styles. I have tried The Modern pompadour, The Modern Quiff, The Undercut and The Man Bun.

I prefer The Modern Quiff and before I tell you why I would suggest you go through some factors before choosing a style for yourself.

But let’s take a moment to decode the mystery of a Man’s Facial Hair.


Beard or A Chiseled Jawline ? 


I prefer the beard. Not because everyone doesn’t have an attractive jawline but the fact that a beard can make you look like a young innocent boy or the sexy gentlemen within a few weeks. And no it’s not true, anyone can have a fine looking jaw-line.


There are some exercises for it and you can surely get a jaw-line that makes you more confident about yourself.  A Beard is slightly better because a dark grown one can make you a mature sexy man and trimming it can make you that cute boy you always wanted to be.


You can also try some of the facial hairstyles which I think I would be writing on my next blog.

But believe me, there are a thousand facial hairstyles that you can try. A lot of people say that your face-shape is a key factor for choosing a style and I would be wrong if I said it’s not true. Your face shape tells you a lot about you and people would judge you on your appearance before they even get to know you. So go through some online content on hairstyles and face structure and let me know if you don’t find the solution.





Always remember that you should not, need not and probably would not try a new hairstyle before an important meeting, a romantic date or a party.

I have personally had few awkward moments at parties and meetings where I just felt that I should have died before reaching the venue. Always try a new hairstyle when you can expect it to grow back so that you can always have a fresh haircut again.




There are one to many hairstyles out there in the world and there are no specific trends. You may try those from 2014 to 2017 but going earlier than that is a big mistake.



When an old hairstyle comes into the trend space, there have been made a few changes. The Pompadour was brought in by Elvis Presley and The Modern Pompadour is different from the original one. So choose a style and try to work it out in different ways.




Styling Products 


PLEASE ! Please, guys, start using some hair products. Start oiling your hair, it helps nourish them. Please wash your hair thrice in a week to get rid off that dirt stuck in them. Use a blow dryer after a wash to put them in the direction you want and be careful to use anti-heat products before using a dryer. You can use a hair gel, hair wax or hair clay.


I use a hair clay because my hair are fine and it helps me give them volume. For giving volume to your hair you can also use a moose. Very easy to apply and doesn’t have any damaging components.

Remember that Moose is pre-styling product whereas Clay or Wax is post styling. Avoid using Hair sprays and you are good to go.


Now, let me tell you why I liked the Quiff ( below ) over the Undercut and the Pompadour. Firstly because it gives me a little funky look as compared to Pompadour.



A pompadour is a very good option for those of you who have to wear that tailored suit every other day. The Undercut ( below ) being the most famous hairstyle is the least attracting haircut. But it is the best option for those of you who don’t have to look crisp or fun loving everytime of the day. It is the most simple and sober hairstyle of all time.




One ManUP Signing off.


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