The Modern Man’s Guide to Dating – LIFESTYLE 101’s


We’re Men. Sometimes the obvious evades us.

We understand it’s 2017, and talking about etiquette when it comes to dating might sound old fashioned. But in an age where the President of the United States grabs women without their permission, it’s more important than ever.


With that being said, and getting that gross visual out of our heads, it’s time to get to business.


A. Call and go for the cheque. If you requested the pleasure of her company, you should pay. However, if she insists, go dutch. We suggest not to go Patrick Bateman on her.



B. Alright, old fashioned again, but always hold the door open for her. AND – sit down, once she’s settled in.


C. Don’t brag. Hold onto your horses before you think of talking about your new car or your new raise. So yeah, don’t brag, humbly or otherwise.


D. Treat the staff respectfully. Date or no date. It’s just good manners.


E. Put your phone away.



F. Message the day after a date.


G. No Ex talk. If she does, listen – you don’t have to react, and you shouldn’t.


And that’s that. Lots more where that came from. But 7 pointers are good to begin with.

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