For the Ladies. Why You Need To Like His Bros – LIFESTYLE 101’s


A Message Issued in Public Interest By Bros of BroYork.

This one’s only for the ladies but I want the bros to hang around and nod their heads as they read in consent.


Ladies, how are you all my loves. On behalf of all men if I may say so, we love you.

We both know, when you start dating us, you don't just date us. We take our bros with us. And what we would really want is for you two to get along like a house on fire.


If you're the X to our lives they are the Y.

If you're the day they are the nights.

If you're Goa they are Malana.


And Please don't make us choose between Goa and Malana.

Let’s face it. War of the sexes is extremely 90’s now.


We share a bond just like yourselves. Our Bros know the darkest of our secrets, our ups our downs, our on and offs. And we cant possibly imagine a day without abusing the shit out of them. Thats true love right there.


For better or worse, lets face it, we need ‘ The Nod ‘ for you from the boys. That’s the green light you want to be looking for.


Let’s look at the lovely, ever so charming, Sarah Jessica Parker, and what she tried to achieve in her movie with main man Matthew McConaughey.

Remember the paint ball scene with her winning the game and hence winning over the bros? Yeah.. fun and easy right ?


That led her to THE SUPER NOD, like .. in your face .. hell yeah, kinda nod.


But don’t worry, you don't have to do anything other worldly. You see we Men are low maintenance on that end.

A bit of interest in the boys, some violent love for beer and video games, and some leniency on the deadline hours for your man - And there ya have it. You get THE NOD.


Trust me the bros aren't that bad to be around. Once you get the nod it’s all uphill from there. Whats more? You get a bunch of new guy friends to hang out with !


Very quickly then, I’m letting you in on 5 ways to get the NOD.


1.   Buy a Round

It’s not just the pretty ladies who should be entitled to drinks.


I was with the boys at the bar the other night when the girl I had just started seeing joined in with her friends.

When the first round went dry she bought the entire table another round.

And that scored big time with the boys, because normally we aren't subjected to free drinks as much as we would like to.


2.   Learn how to play Poker.

Boys night more often than not is Poker night. And whats good ? It isn't the most difficult game to learn in the world !


Wanna step it up a notch ? Try Russian Roulette. Last time something like this happened, we owed around 10k to the ladies, who obviously stole the show that night.


3.   Take Genuine Interest

Albeit 8 out of 10 times, you guys are not going to have much in common to start off with. But that don't not mean you can’t talk !


I had a buddy’s girl come over on a night out. Understandably since all of us were architects and she was from finance, she could've had a hard time fitting in, but she didn't .

She was intrigued, asked questions and stated her opinions, which was a pleasant thing to see . It showed that she was taking a genuine interest in getting to know us.


Bros know it before anyone else if it’s working or not.


4.   Don’t call him every 5 minutes on his night out.

Never do that. He gets the glare from the bros, and lets face it.. it ain’t good for either of you. Neither can he talk to you properly or be with them completely.


5.   Hold your own.

We’re talking bros here. Bros are nice. Don't confuse a bro with a chauvinistic douche fuck all.


Bros care for you too. And they love you even more if you know how to hold your own. Be assertive and decisive .. forget the bros, it'll be good for you !


On behalf of the Association of Bros in BroYork, do consider it, reflect on it and we leave the rest to your apt Judgement. Sayonara.


One ManUP Out.


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