The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the Jeep Compass


With over six thousand bookings sealed even before its release, this beast of an American machinery – The Jeep Compass –  is one to look out for.

Jeep has always been the grand daddy of all SUV brands, and rightly so as it puts forth that edge in the Compass.

Unlike a lot of its peers, the Compass does not give in to the crossover look and looks the part of an SUV.


jeep compass
The beast in all its glory. An American Machinery.


The Engine

The Compass comes in two engines, both with the 4 by 2 and 4 by 4 options. The petrol variant runs a 1.4 litre multi air turbo petrol engine with dual clutch transmissions and a 6 speed manual. The diesel variant introduces the 2 litre Multi Jet Engine in India. Churning out around 170 hp through a 6 speed manual. The Compass starts getting strained post 4500 rpm but smoothly rides between 130 kph to 140 kph.


ABS and ESP are present but beyond that you’re also getting Electronic Roll mitigation, Electronic Brake Pre Fill, Panic Break Assist, Hydraulic Booster Failure Compensation and Six Air Bags.


Jeep compass exterior
With a Range Rover Evoque-esque touch to the curve at its rear end

The Drive

We start our drive from the busy streets of Noida. What hits you first is the durability and strength of the car, something I should say will please every SUV lover. Noise levels are extremely low in the cabin. Straight line stability works great. The ride down the DND where we push the car a bit more is extremely smooth with the Frequency Selective Dampers which tune to high frequency bumps.


Jeep compass interior
The jeep compass interior striking the perfect balance (almost) in its interior


The Insides

The interiors are moderate for a car of this class. The 7 inch touchscreen unit allows you to control your phone, the entertainment system, along with the dual zone air con. The exterior finish has a touch of Range Rover Evoque to its rear end which is a win win.


For the kind of pricing Jeep has put out, you get a really good deal. It’s a strong piece of American machinery which is as suitable for the city as it is for off roading. Provided there’s a good after service by Fiat, this shot is worth the buck.


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