The James Dean Look Book – FASHION 101’s


The man wasn’t an iconic legend for no reason. Taken away from us before his time, James Dean had done enough by 24 to be remembered by generations of men to come.


Looks, breaking stereotypes, convention defying hairstyles, you name it, this man had done it all. But was that all he had ? Not Even Close.


He had the aura, the charisma, which as impalpable as it was, would most certainly hit you first when you see him on screen. The ability to rock a pair of done and dusted for shorts as well as a tapered pair of trousers.


As Humphrey Bogart put it “Dean died at just the right time. He left behind a legend. If he had lived, he’d never have been able to live up to his publicity. “ A pure craftsman at his art and an icon for the rebellious youth.


This is James Dean. And This, is his Look Book.


Made in Monochrome


James Dean Style
Breaking the Stereotypes. Denims, Wayfarers, you name it.


James Dean Essentials – Classic Polo’s


James Dean car
The very controversial Porsche 550. Days before his crash.


Low Profile High Impact


James Dean
A true craftsman with unfathomable depths of craftsmanship


The Man of Detail


James Dean Hairstyle


The Forever Rebel


James Dean Reading
Enjoying the normal life, reading poetry, days before he rose to stardom.



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