6 Golden Rules for the Modern Man to Navigate the Indian Wedding


Few things come close to the glamour and scale of the Big Fat Indian Wedding. If you’re married, I salute you. If you’re a bachelor, well hop on to the game of surfing the scene and surviving the pressure.


I can assure you there’s a lot of field to play if you navigate a wedding correctly the One ManUP way.

Couple of quick heads up. We follow the Golden 5 Rules.


The Big Fat Indian Wedding
Only in India.


RSVP ( You don’t get invited to THE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING everyday so.. )


A. Respect the fact that you have been invited to someone’s wedding. Times have changed, and weddings have become an increasingly private affair. So if someone takes out the time to invite you make sure you take out the time to acknowledge it, irrespective of you attending or not.




B. Needless to say step two requires you to dress appropriately for the occasion. Need a Quick Fix ? Always keep a staple of a Bandhgala, A Nehru Jacket and a well fitted Kurta. These 3 attires in rotation can keep you from running to the store for years ! Provided you keep the pounds off.

Personally, I’ve had a great time experimenting with a Nehru or a Kurta and combining it with a well fitted trouser and double monk straps.


Bandhgala Shahid Kapoor
Go for the basics and learn to use them in rotation. Save the hassle and the money.




C. The way you conduct yourself in a wedding speaks a lot about you to other people, which in turn speaks about how good your evenings going to get. If you see an elder of the family, greet them first. Give your seat to people who need it more than you. At the same time, loosen up and show up with some moves to take over the dance floor. It’s the Big Fat Indian Wedding after all.


Sidharth Malhotra
Socialise. It’s good to get off your phone and talk to humans.



D. With a lot of things going on simultaneously all over the place, the hosts can almost always use an extra hand. Granted you’re a guest and you’re not asked of to help. But small steps like offering your assistance make you remembered by people who don’t even know you for years to come. Few things can match up to speaking of a man’s character like giving without any intent of receiving.


aisha wedding song
Assistance on the dance floor also counts.



E. Yes the bar’s open. And it’s the night of alcohol breezing through the air. This ain’t no bachelor trip though. This the real deal dawg. So unless you want to hijack the family’s photo wedding album as the slouch who got sloshed and started hitting on the bride’s aunt under public discourse, handle your drink. You’re not 19 anymore and this isn’t a competition. Learn how to enjoy your drink.




F. It’s a ceremonial occasion. A once in a lifetime of sorts ( hopefully ) for the lovely couple. And if it’s a friend who’s getting married, chances are sooner or later you’ll have to make a toast. Keep it sweet, personal and short. Barring adult jokes of course.


Yeh jawani hai deewani
And voila ! There ya’ have it .


Damn that’s six golden rules.. my bad.


And that’s that.

Between all these rules, and between you and me, the idea is to have fun, kill the evening, and smother everyone present with your charisma, charm and wedding attendee skills.

One ManUP Out.


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