How To Rock A Tank Top – FASHION 101’s


It’s a season late but Tank Top’s are never out of fashion.
Pair them with a leather jacket and you're solid.
I’ve become a huge fan of them lately. And why shouldn't anyone be, the subtlest way to show off what you got without coming off as a douche.


I’m a big believer of proportion in physiques. Symmetry shows and rightly so.


But today we’re all about tank tops. Underused, but once accustomed to, make you look like James Dean.


1. Play with colours. I’m all for colour. It shows spark, personality, and confidence and thats a win win.


But choose carefully if you're going with one too loud of a design on it. Somewhere in between in the sweet spot lies the message - MAN COMING.


2. Physique - Shoulders, Arms.


Two things I’d tell you to pump up a little if you're going for the tank top.


If you have the time, go for some compound movements working major muscle groups at the same time.


Shoulder Press - Arms and shoulders
Bench Press - Arms and chest


The other one is where you choose 2 - 3 groups in this case shoulders and arms and isolate them with high reps.


3. UPPER ARMS - Shave em’


No one likes an over grown forest on a hand. If the hair on your upper arm looks like its ready to produce food, well.. remove it.


Nothing fancy, shave it off quick and easy. Gives that clean look and enhances your arms you've been killing yourself for.


4. Last but not the least. Deodorant roller. Cheap, easy and effective.


One ManUP Out.


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