How To Make Sure Your 20’s are a Guaranteed Success – LIFESTYLE 101’s


20’s are your prime. You’re done and dusted with education. On your way, or already on a new job, or a venture. But there is so much more to it than just plain 9 to 5’s.


You have the time and the energy to build your legacy, your name, your bank balance.


At One ManUP we like to keep things straight and to the point. Never talking in metaphors and providing value to the point. Precisely what we are about to do.


Now Success can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But one such unanimous desire is that of happiness. Happiness can be internal and external.


Internal Happiness wants you to be at peace, at one with the universe, mindful kind et al.
External Happiness wants you to have a secure bank balance, the ability to fulfil your material wants, and look after your family.


Both are right in their own places. And we are here to guide you to both.




You're young in your 20s you're bound to want more of life, and please do ! Naysayers have to say something who will diss you for going after materialistic wealth. We say GO GRAB IT.


A.   Passive Income


Job’s good, works good, life’s good. That doesn't mean you stop stretching or you stop growing.
Find Passive sources of income. It can be investing in a company you believe in, or stocks. It can be your childhood hobby and learning how to monetise it.


The average millionaire has 7 different sources of income. Now see what works for you and go after it.


B.   Learn Finance


You want to be wealthy ? Read it learn it. Learn about your money, how it works and more importantly how it can work for you.


We suggest you to start with Robert Kiyosaki. Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mr. Kiyosaki talks to the point and writes in a layman’s language.


C.   Moonlight


Wish you were in that band you always wanted to be? Wish you were writing? Wish you were clicking pictures ?


Guess what. Life's long. And you shouldn't be guessing so much. Do it.


Now I know easier said than done. But its all more motivation for you when you'll be making out of it.


D.   Invest in People.


Study people. Be open to them and get to know them.
Invest in a good visiting card and keep it on your person at all times. Introduce yourself and hand it over at the same time.




In a crux its what you're doing when no one is looking, just for yourself.
Call it self help, self development or self healing. It’s meant to grow you as a person.


On account of personal experiences we declare consistency is the key to I.H. Thumb rule is to keep a new habit going for 21 straight days before it actually becomes a part of your system and a habit.
Here are four things you can do and will love yourself for.


A.   10 Minutes


Morning, noon or evening - whenever you find 10 minutes, just sit in silence. No music no people. Just you with yourself. Organise the chaos in your brain.


We prefer mornings as it has a direct increment in your day ! But don't bind yourself by any rules. Whenever you get the time.


And don't tell me you don't have 10 minutes. Everyone has 10 minutes.


B.   Visualise


Think of your dream car .. your dream house .. your dream destination .. your dream girl .. your perfect life. Now find pictures nearest to that, make a collage and get it framed.


Everyday, spend some time in front of it, and see yourself as if you have already achieved it all. The mind is a beautiful creation of God. Whatever you feel and believe becomes your reality.


C.   Read

Big biceps and chest are all good but what about nourishment for your brain ? What’s better than fuelling it with the thoughts of the greatest leaders in the world.


You want to be successful ? Read about successful people.
You want to be a better Man? Read Autobiographies of the best men the world ever saw.


Keep and carry the book wherever you go. Not only does it make sure you don't fall off the band wagon .. It also makes an impression on the Ladies.


D.   Meditate


Our favourite. In an open yet a little known secret. Clears your mind, connects you with yourself and calms just about everything around you.


Now I know it can be difficult in the beginning. So start with 2 minutes, move on to 5, and work your way up to 20. Take your time as long as you're being consistent with it.


That’s it. There you have it. More Power to you.
One ManUP Out.


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