How To Impress Any Girl Off Her Feet – DATING 101’s


The one constant question I keep getting regardless of who and where and when it’s coming from is “ How did I impress her??” Well then, let's take care of this today shall we.

We're going to make sure you sweep your lady love off her feet.


I’m sure you guys have been waiting for this one. Fear not men, One ManUP's here now.

Without further ado, let's fire this baby up.


A. Dress to Kill. Don’t be shy. I was never a follower of this policy until I tried it out.


Think James Bond. No matter what the character does, he always ends up looking the sharpest man in the room.

Dress up. It shows responsibility, it shows you care for yourself. And you feel a la new man all together.


Sweeping ladies off their feet is just a by product. The correct get up for the correct occasion can make you feel 10 times more confident about yourself.

And dare to experiment. Experiment with colours and styles, stripes, you're the king. Never ever fear of going wrong. You will and you should. That’s how you learn.


B. Do something to maintain your calm.

Us men get hyped up about speaking to a woman. Why? Does it help? Don't think so.


I use meditation. It never fails me. 15 minutes on the floor does me more good than anything else. And I’m a high energy, running all around the place, guy. Yes, I’m that guy - so inevitably I do need it.

If It helps me, I see no reason why it shouldn't help you. When you’re calm, present and in the moment, it shows brilliantly in the way you walk and talk.


Forget all expectations, calm down, and be all there.


Of course on the other hand, if unlike me you come from the other end of the spectrum and are inherently calm as a person, then I suggest you down an espresso or two. Calm is good, but silent is not.

All about the sweet spots my friend.


C. Visualise. Another technique I use A LOT. Away from all the outer work, this is what changes the game - Your Game.

See yourself winning. See yourself leaving the best impression on a woman you've just met who cannot wait to see you again.

If you're feeling it on the inside, you'll have it on the outside.


There you have it. Sweet, Short, Simple and to the point.

One ManUP out.


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