Fall Style Essentials – FASHION 101’s


Autumns the best season of the year ain’t it. Here at One ManUP we keep talking about the sweet spots.
Well, Autumns the ultimate sweet spot of all seasons.


The weather, the smell of the air, the mood , everything just FITS.
Just like your clothes should.
Trust me guys, if payed a little attention to, a week or two of autumn can make you look “showstopper good”.


We’re going to talk about the 5 essentials for your autumn wardrobe. Feel free to open the box, mix and match, make mistakes and learn, the worlds your oyster my man.

A.  Leather Jacket


This one’s my baby. 4 years in a cold Liverpool is where I befriended this leather jacket.
The more you wear it the better it ages.

Goes with anything in your wardrobe. You just cannot take em off.
Trust me I’ve tried.


Pro Tip - If you think the jacket is losing its shine, try using olive or coconut oil with a small piece of cloth and cleaning it.


B. Scarf


Not just for the ladies. If you're going for a slightly mature look, I’d say this fits in perfect with a shirt.
If not, wear it with a Henley and it still rocks as something less formal !


C. Slim Fit Chinos


Now I know I keep asking all of you to dress for the occasion . But I’m guilty man. Try taking these chinos away from me and you’ll know what I mean.


I sleep in them, I work in them, I attend meetings and parties in them, and I train in them!


I know I gotta cut it down, but what the hell. No rules here.
Pair them with your leather jacket, a denim shirt, a scarf, a henley , ANYTHING!
They all work!


D. The Henley


Need I say more? It never gets old. I have 4 in my wardrobe and I’m set for the coming year I think.

Why? Because there are innumerable combinations you can make do with a good fitted Henley on your hands.
A Henley is majorly about the fit and the collar above anything else.


E. Chelsea Boots


Durable, light, and effective. What more can you ask for?
Like Autumn it’s hitting the sweet spot between sneakers and oxfords. Put them on the spot on a date, a coffee meeting, or a night out! You name it.

There you have it Gentlemen. One ManUP’s Fashion Guide to Autumn 2016.
Any questions? Get in touch!

One ManUP out.


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