3 Essential Apps Every Man Needs to Use – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Overpowering technology and artificial intelligence is a scary prospect. Not if we learn to optimally automate our work using it. Here are the 3 essential apps for Men.


Hands downing of the best apps I discovered last year. Recommended by a friend. If you’re like me, you might end up writing a lot during the day, reading articles on the net and making sketches. In which case, Evernote’s an angel for you.


Evernote App
A Busy Man’s Best Friend – Download the Evernote App right now !


Such are the miracles of man’s creation. To get lost in the hustle and bustle of a New York street side coffee shop to spur your creative energies.


Coffitivity App
Coffitivity transports you to the streets of New York – to the jungles of Vietnam – to the rains in Moscow.


If This Then That. Consider this your virtual assistant. It records everything you need, like, dislike, timings, schedules and responds to them automatically. Menial tasks such as buying washing soap, or getting more coffee, closing the garage – IFTT works with just about everything !


It’s your virtual assistant. Everything from Facebook, Twitter, Email to Instagram under one feed.

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