Everything you Need To Step Up Your Dating Life


It is indeed the modern day’s conundrum when I say that majority of Men have a fucked up love life ..  It’s true.

Either they’re not pursuing what they want, or they’re not looking at all, or they’re not happy at all with where they are !


But what if I’m able to integrate meeting women as a part of your daily life as opposed to something you need to put extra effort in .. Sound good ?


Trust me when I say this – you are not the only one who has a hard time starting a conversation with strangers. But “ Cold Approaching “ is a skill you should develop irrespective of your interest in dating beautiful women.


Before starting though I’d like to add that all this information, compiled with all the other information you can get on the net isn’t going to get you anywhere if you don’t actually go out and act on it.


Starting now.


The wonders of good company ..!


A.   Get Out of your House


First one. Easy. Most Important. Serious. Very serious. If sitting at home waiting for a woman to magically appear in your lap worked we wouldn’t be talking right now.


The thing we need to break here is your routine and try and operate outside of it. Your day probably revolves around your office / college and family / friends time. And this lifestyle, as okay as it is, limits us at times from meeting new people if we don’t take the extra edge.


Pick your favourite weekend places and put them aside. Now make a new list of the best cafes, bars, galleries your city has to offer. This is your to do list now.



B.   Woody Allen’s Rule


If there’s one thing you should remember from this piece it’s this –

“ 80% of your Success is just showing up.” – Woody Allen


That includes getting out of your house, trying out a new place, walking up to a woman and introducing yourself. That’s it.

Irrespective of the outcome you’ve showed up as a Man and done your job. That speaks tonnes about your character.




C.   Authentic Selfishness


This is something I spoke about in yesterday’s Instagram post.

All our lives we try and get people around us comfortable. Be it our parents, our colleagues, our partners, or our friends. But take a step back, speak your truth, and whatever it is that you want will eventually show up.


To truly wake up in the morning and say who am I, what do I want. What you and I, my friend, need to understand is, that it is not our responsibility to how other people react to you being honest about yourself.


And this Authentic Selfishness is the greatest gift you can give to the women you meet and to the world at large. You’re being alive, truthful and going forward.


Irrespective of the outcome, you’re doing your job as a man. You see a woman you like. You like her beauty you like her energy you like the way she moves. You go up to her and tell her that. Without expecting anything in return, this is you expressing your desire – that’s a masculine trait.

As far as rejection goes, you can’t be rejected because you’re not asking, you’re simply making a statement.


D.   Don’t Hold Expectations


The agenda here is to get yourself out of your head. What’s important is you get in the field, get in action and start firing. That is enter a new place, and start talking to people. Keep moving. Without any expectations of getting anything in return.


This is a little exercise I want you to do. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s something you can do the next time you go out ( which should be very soon ).

Navigate the setting you’re in, and go about paying a compliment to every person you come across. You should be getting in about 15 people by the time you’re done. Do that and write back to us.


The idea is to get you comfortable and extremely unapologetic for being yourself in a social setting. The more you do it the sooner you get there. And once you reach the level I can see you at, you won’t be needing any pick up lines, any mind games to date women you like.


E.   Include Greens in your diet.


Apart from the health benefits, greens get you the low, calm end energy we want you to maintain while going out. The kind of energy where you’re one with your body, not nervous at all, calm, in the moment, carpe diem etc. And definitely not all over the place running into tanks and bouncer boyfriends.


So a lot of greens is what you’re looking for to calm your nerves and avoid getting all jittery.


That being said.

One ManUP Out.


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