BoyToMan Grooming Seminar – GROOMING 101’s


If you have a boy between the ages of 11 – 17, then this is something that should seek your interest and attention. I ask of you to drop by our studio and enrol your boy for the BoyToMan Grooming Seminar hosted and presented by One ManUP, wherein we work on giving him a definitive edge which goes beyond his age. That which can’t be found in the confines of a classroom.




We will make sure he is equipped with everything he needs to stay ahead of his years and win in the walk of life. From building his confidence, to his social dynamics skill set, to connecting with his core structure and belief system – we make sure he’s provided with everything we weren’t.




The more you grow the more you seem to realise what you could’ve done differently to have a better life. What you could’ve added that surpassed your present growth. It could be spending time with your family, or putting in a different approach to your career, or learning a new language, or even taking time to travel more. Whatever that may be – to each their own. Point being there’s something any and all of us could’ve afforded to have added for a better today. And I’m not saying that in a cynical manner. It comes from a space for the hope of being better, which resides in all of us.




And more often than not it just so happens that we should’ve started to do something at the grass root level of it all – our beginnings, our childhood.

If you’re like me, and chances are you’re going to be – you very much didn’t have the luxury of someone helping out with the finer tools to handle what life throws at you.





I wish I had that luxury of seeing the education the world had to offer – precisely the kind of education I or anyone would need to build a successful life and a respectable name for themselves.


You and I both had to learn these essential Life Skills the harder way – by falling down and getting back up. And those ways have their own charm. However, since an opportunity has arrived, we should use it to prepare your boy for the world to the best of our abilities.





Well like they say let bygones be bygones. I’m here to help you out in your road to Parenting. And if you’re familiar with One ManUP allow me to a minute.


One ManUP is India’s first Men’s Styling and Grooming Service. We believe in honing Men aesthetically, and that works inside and out. For the same endeavour we want to make sure the generation under is building a strong foundation. Hence, the One ManUP Grooming Seminar for Boys this weekend.






For Bookings or any Questions you might have concerning the Seminar, feel free to get in touch at

8826672394, OR

Email us at



One ManUP Out.


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