Be You. Do You – LIFESTYLE 101


Its the beginning of an era for me .. it took me 24 years to realise what’s going to make me happy for the rest of my 80 years on planet earth.


And it’s overwhelming .. when you hit that point when you know what is it you were meant to do. Fortunately or unfortunately it took me a lot to get to that point. I pissed an unfathomable number of people off.. I worked jobs I quit jobs, I stayed up nights, but when I got to that point guys, it was as if someone just lifted off this boulder of my shoulder - THAT RHYMED 😉


Point is .. DO YOU. BE YOU.


There’s a whirlpool of opportunities where some don’t know what to go after and some have it chosen for them by the others.


Come close and pay attention guys, this is important.. do what you love .. I cannot begin to stress it enough. There’s a reason why mankind has evolved to working up to a 10 hour day shift.


Work is a majority of your life. Not wholly but it represents you to a huge extent.


Riddle me this .. if you are not happy with your 9 to 5 or 6 to 2, how do you love yourself? How do you love life? HECK! How do you live life?


Alright here, do this for me. Sit down by yourself, take some timeout, and ask yourself this one question. Don’t discuss it with anyone, don't involve anyone. It’s just going to be you. It’s you who has to live with you every day for the rest of your life. And here it is -


“What do I love so much that I’m willing to do it 24.7 365 days of a year even if I’m not paid for it?”


Ask yourself that. Find out what it is and go do it.


And believe me I understand its scary.. I was a closeted performer .. an entertainer from the age of 15 till now because that’s when societies conscience hit and curbed me.


You know what I was before the age of 15?


A raging bull. I didn't give a fuck to who thought what because I wasn't programmed to worry of what anyone else would think of me except me. I was riding on my own wavelengths.


Call it puberty, call it society (definitely don't call it growing up).. whatever this was - it got the best of me.


I’m here writing this article. One ManUP is everything for me and I’m making it happen right now because life is happening now. Not before not after, just now.

And truth be told, I don’t know if its going to work. I don’t know if its going to do what I meant it to do, which was to help you to be the best version of you in every sense possible and I don’t know if you are going to subscribe to my dream or not.


But I have.


8th June 2016 I took the shot on myself. And it’s probably the biggest gamble there ever will be for me but I am taking it because if not now then when?


All I  believe is that whatever you need in this life.. is all inside you right now.. all the motivation, all the purposes, all the enthusiasm everything. Listen to your gut and intuition guys. It won’t mislead you.


As cliched as it sounds ( cliches exist for a reason ) it’s true.


Take the jump.

Do it. Do it now.

I wont be behind you. I’ll be standing right next to you.


Have you seen Rocky? Go watch it again. Fail if you're afraid of failure, fall on the ground face first, hit the floor, be the underdog, and then rise.

By the way aren’t underdog stories just the best? You gotta love em. There’s a reason why everyone loves them but that’s a different topic.


So for now and ever show yourself and the world what you're made of.


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