8 Drinks And The Kind Of Drunk They’ll Make You Feel – One ManUP LIFESTYLE 101’s


What’s the shortcut to looking like a total boss in a new setting ? Knowledge.

And unless you're a 12 year old reading this, chances are most of your social outings would involve socialising over alcohol.


And if that’s the case, we’re here to show you how to know, drink and speak your alcohol in and out.


Aperitif / Digestif 

Didn't work up an appetite ? Go for an Aperitif before your food arrives. It stimulates your hunger. Naturally they are drier than sweet so think Gin or Vermouth.

Likewise, drinks like Brandy and Port fall under the Digestif category which are meant to be taken post your meal. Again they are slightly sweeter.


On The Rocks

I’m sure you're familiar with this one.

This goes to say you want your drink in a low bowl glass over cubes of ice.

While we are at it, heres a bonus tip. Some distilleries make their own recommendations to have their alcohol neat or on the rocks. So don't be shy to ask the bartender.


With a Twist 

Need some flavour ?

Citrus peeled using a special tool called a canelle cutter and placed in the drink or hung on the side is referred to as with a twist .


Straight Up

Somewhere between a neat and on the rocks, a straight up served by shaking or stirring your drink with ice to chill it and then strain the ice out.


Mostly used for mojitos and caipiroskas. which require mashed fruits or herbs. A pestle looking tool is used to extract juice from fruit or release essential oils from herbs.

Man using pestle to crush limes in a glass


No Ice. No Water. No Soda. This is what you get when you order a Neat.

Side note, certain brandy and scotch are meant to be served at a room temperature.

It’s meant to be sipped, not taken like a shot.



Mostly associated with a martini. Adding a couple of olives clouds the colour and gives the drink a salty briny taste - and thats dirty for you.



Designated Drunk Driver ?


Ask for your drink virgin. Most cocktails can be made minus the spirits, such as a bramble.


That's it for today boys.

As always, shoot your questions or just say hi at ish@onemanup.com

One ManUP Out.


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