5 Shoes Every Man Must Own – FASHION 101


Welcome Gentlemen to One ManUP.


So you decide to go for wardrobe shopping. You got all the right shirts, trousers, double vested suits, pocket squares .. all that good stuff. You’re ready and on your way out to meet a la Mademoiselle and oh wait what!


You got shoes looking like a pair of burnt leather!


I’m here to tell you how important it is to pay a close look to your shoe rack. It’s the first thing a woman notices. Forget women, it’s that little piece of accessory that a lot can sideline but once adorned properleeyyy makes you a new man.


A. Chelsea Boots – You can never go wrong with them. Pair them with a pair of dark slim fit jeans or polo fitted trousers and you’re solid to go.


B.   Oxfords – This baby goes with your favourite trousers, jeans, jodhpuris, you name it. Its crisp it’s smooth its strong and its giving you the edge.


C.  Double monks – number 3’s my personal favourite.


D.  Slip on loafers – Slip em on leave em on. Good for an easy outing. It’s hitting that sweet spot between sneakers and oxfords.


E.   Gym Sneakers – last one for your gym sessions. Do not mess around with your shoes. Buy and maintain your pair of gym sneakers.


Look into these. Look for the brand best serving your wants and invest in these.


They cover you on all occasions.

And there you have it.


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