5 Steps to A Charismatic You – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Aright let’s talk Charisma. The quality that makes people turn around when you enter the room.
What makes people want to come up to you and want to get to know you. That which inevitably makes you the “Go To” Guy if you have it in you.


No second reasoning, any of us would want more and more of such a trait. Why not work on it then? It’s not rocket science. Like everything else, you work for it you get it.


Without wasting any time on the why’s and the how’s and the why not’s, let’s get you started and your way to being that much more Charismatic.


A.  Hold Your Own - Working on your Charisma is not something to be exercised on in isolation. You need people to work with and a social setting to practice your skill in.


More often than not it just so happens, that you’re in a get together. Maybe it’s a bunch of familiar faces or new ones. Either which way, learn to hold your own.


Be that your POV ( Point of View ) on a certain matter, or, the number of drinks you want to indulge in, or even if it’s you going after a girl you like there.
It shows an abundance of self esteem, belief and confidence.


B.  Green Juice to calm your nerves and keep you cool calm and present.


This is like a secret which I’m letting out right here. Take all the greens in your kitchen. Wash, blend and drink.


Green foods have live cells which help in healing and repairing the damaged cells inside your body. It calms you down and centres you efficiently.


Nothing more you can ask for especially when its a win win for your health.


C.  Posture


One ManUP’s favourite. Stand tall, stand straight. Actions speak louder than words. And in this case, your posture’s never going to fail you.


D.  Invest in thy brain - know more to hold a proper conversation


Again, you can’t afford to be isolated in today’s day. Know what’s going on. Know why. And know your take on it.


E.  Be Present - which translates to being a good listener in this case and being engaged.


When you're engaging in a conversation with someone, make sure you're actually listening to them. I know it’s a point repeated one to many times, but there are very few things that would work better than this.


People Like talking. People LOVE being heard out. Give them what they want. Genuinely listen to what they have to say. That's not to say you cannot speak up. Go with the flow.


At this point even if you feel the need to advice them, don't. Just because someone is opening up to you, doesn't mean they're asking for your advice.


Should they need it, wait for them to ask you for it.


Alright there you have it. Use these 5 tips, apply them, work with them and let us know how if you need any more help. We got you.
One ManUP Out.


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