5 Must Grooming Habits for the Modern Man – GROOMING 101


My name is Patrick Newman.


And I believe in taking care of myself.



American Psycho anyone?


Morning Gentlemen and welcome back to another episode of One ManUP.

And if you don't know what I just did, watch the first 5 minutes of American Psycho starring Christian Bale and you'll know what it meant.


(Probably read the synopsis too.. that'll help I guess..)


Today we are talking about the minimal grooming must do’s.


These are your Go to’s if you don't have time for anything else.

Think of these as the bare minimum but very important essentials.

Starting Now. 5 Must Grooming Habits for the Modern Man - GROOMING 101.


A.   Cardio. Do Cardio. Now this might be a bit of shock. Woah wh wha what?? Cardio? Grooming ?




See cardio, especially early morning cardio helps open up pores on your skin to sweat the toxins out. Hence adding the glow to your face ma la dee da.


AND if that wasn't enough. It accelerates your natural scent.


Manly, strong and clean - how’s that for a combination.


B.   Hair - Very important. And what concerns you the most probably.


“Dude is my hair okay?”


Well look no further. Get ready to have dazzling, sensational, rapunzel a la hair do.


Hair oil. Try Coconut or Olive oil 1 - 2 times a week, leave it on for an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

I prefer to use any sort of a beer shampoo. It helps adding volume to my hair.


C.   Nails - Trim em. Be the Tarzan but a well groomed Tarzan at that.


Once a week. Trim em. 5 Minutes. Easy.


Choose a day like a Saturday and get your nails taken care of in 5 minutes.
If you're willing to go a step further which I think you should, and if you have the budget, go for a mani-pedi once if not twice a month.


D.   Skin - This is what I do.


I don’t try too many products on my skin. The lesser chemicals on my face the better.


Cleanse. Wash. Moisturise.


Cleanse using a cleanser. Don't have one? Worry not my man. We don't want you running around advertisements figuring out which ones to buy. Use milk. Chemical free, easily available in your fridge. I assume.


Wash using your face wash, preferably a soap free gel. And don't forget to moisturise . Very important. Gotta beware of that sun.


I’m not a big fan of using a toner, but if you think it works for you then go for it. Use it after washing your face with your face wash.


But don't leave it on too long. Bad for your skin.


E. Manscaping - Armpits and Little alpha AKA pubes. You gotta take care of em both. You never know when you gotta step up to the plate to bat.


Invest in a good body trimmer and go over once in 2 weeks.. well.. depending on how fast your hair grows. But once in 2 weeks is a good timeline to go by.


And that’s that.


Nothing fancy or high profile.


Just the basics and you're ready to take the world on.


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