5 Bad Habits that are Actually Good – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Everything in moderation. Except for coffee.. Coffee in Excess.

To be entirely consumed by the idea of a healthier you, doesn’t necessary have to fall congruent with being self depriving and a masochist.

Certain habits may look devastating, but they’re not all what you see.


One to Many Cuppa Mocha 


Full of antioxidants and mood enhancing chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Burns fat effectively when consumed before a work out and helps in curing Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and Type 2 Diabetes.


Just make sure to keep it as close to black as possible. A vent 4 pumps vanilla with cream isn’t going to help you here.




Sleeping until noon


Now hold your horses there. We’re talking under context here. If you are unbound by a routine, or the workings of a 9 – 5, where probably being obscure to the world for half the day won’t make a difference to a lot of people, then shove the alarm clock aside.


Listening to your circadian rhythm, which is essentially your 24 hour cycle, will allow you to keep your metabolism up hence burning more calories through out the day.




Downing a Pint or two


Beer can actually reduce your risk of heart disease, protect against certain cancers, and add to bone density. It can help stop tissue break down during a workout and catalyse adding on muscle mass.

Then again, if you’re looking to cut on fat, empty calories like such won’t be your best friend.




Skipping a Workout


We know that feeling and it sucks. But skipping a session gives enough time for your body to recover from the wear and tear of a workout.


Personally, as long as you’re not skipping Monday and getting a session in 3 – 4 times a week, you’re good to go.




Hitting the Gym before Kitchen

Logic being that your fat stores are being used for energy immediately for your workout instead of the food you consume.

Then again, don’t see this fit for long distance events like a marathon or a triathlon.




Keep in mind, everything in moderation.

One ManUP Out.


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