4 Muscle Lessons You Can Learn From THE ROCK – FITNESS 101’s


The Rock’s training is on another level, for multiple reasons, hence the name. We’ve decoded a few of them, for you to up your game as well.

Take note Boys.


Cautionary Note – Let’s not try and beat The Rock’s PR while we’re at it.


Compound moves over Isolation



Alright let’s put it this way. Compound movements incorporate multiple muscles in one move, hence more pain & less mirror pleasing pumps. Isolation movements are for your mirror pleasing pumps, hence the line of dudes behind the tricep extension bar in your gym.


To be spiking muscle growth you need to be spiking your Human Growth Hormones. And compound movements do just that. The more metal you shift, and the more joints you move, the more spike there is.


All show no go ain’t that cool after all.



The Rock’s training stems from his early wrestling days. Which is why his body can manage to pull of the kind of gimmicks it’s put through in the ring.


More often than not actors get ripped for a single take. Pitched against an athlete, they’d fall flat. Not the Rock though.

So while the good ol’ pump is always something to look forward to, make sure it works.


The deadlift – Prepares you to lift heavy stuff off the ground. The Sled Push – Handy in case your car’s battery falls flat. Pull Ups – Great ! In case there’s a wall you need to get over.

Curls ? They’re only so much for lifting a pint up to your mouth bro.


Cheat Days are Good



What happens if you’re using a daily calorie deficit for days on end ? You burn fat yes. Your body though, starts thinking you’re starving it and starts taking steps to conserve energy.


That translates to you hitting a plateau in your training, where you find it difficult to up the intensity, because you don’t have the fuel to power those sets.


So take a lesson from the Rock, and occasionally, let go a little on the dinner table. Eat what you like.This resets your metabolism and supplies suffice energy for your muscles to hit the gym.


One ManUP Out.


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