3 Super Awesome Date Night Ideas – LIFESTYLE 101’s


You’ve done it all. You’ve put in the hours. You’ve read and watched all of One ManUP’s content. Done the due diligence and now you’re on the field.


You, my friend, have a date coming up with your woman.


Well done my man! But we ain’t done here.
We here now .. just getting started.


Now comes in the part where you’ll be together for an entire evening. Don’t screw around with it. Thinking a little before hand and the slightest gestures can make your evening ten times better.


Which of course brings us to the point where we don’t bore her even for a second. No rule books here, but think out of the box. We know you’ve been thinking of a dinner in all goodness, and that’s good! But you know what, save it for maybe the second or third date.


This is the first we’re talking about. And One ManUP’s here to make sure it’s special, it’s different, and it works.


Aight aight aight, very quickly now, pay attention.


A.  Paintball - My two cents on turning a date into a rollercoaster ride for the evening. Nothing says I like you better than shooting each other in the faces with Oiled paint cubes.

Works like Magic.


B.  Museums / Art Exhibits - Going to one of these is like your freeway pass to a solid intellectual conversation.


Instead of bringing up your ex’s, out of desperate need of a conversation stirrer, give this a go. There’s something innately beautiful about walking, surrounded by art. You get the chance to pause, breather and introspect.


So introspect together. Decoding a piece with her increases the night’s success ratio immensely. Believe me, I’ve tried it.


C.  Cocktail Mixing / Wine Tasting Sessions - Unequivocally savage as f*%#. It’s new, it’s different, and above all, you guys are indulging in something together. See how that works - where you and her are investing in one vessel ?


Way better than breaking wallets at a fancy 5 star ain’t it.


As always, sweet short simple and to the point. For your own sake, give it a shot and you have our word, you won’t be let down.

One ManUP Out.


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