3 Outfits Every Man Should Own – FASHION 101


Gentlemen. Welcome to one of the slightly sober yet, unequivocally, exciting episodes of One - MAN - UPP!!!!



Uhm.. scuse’ me.


What’s up gentlemen. I hope you're having an awesome day. If not spend the next 5 minutes with me.

I’m going to make it awesome for you.




I’m showing you how to reconstruct your wardrobe to perfection with just three simple, and by the way perfect, combinations.
I have for you - YES YOU - perfected it down to a science.

Am I sounding like a cheap informercial yet .. either ways moving on.


Outfit Number 1 - Henley + Distressed jeans + Goes with almost any thing on your feet.


A good fitting henley is like your best friend. Its always there to the rescue.
You wear it to a night out with the boys. A henley with distressed jeans ended up with oxfords/ chelsea/ slip ins your pick.


A date with your lady ( try teaming it up with slim fit chinos or dark trousers ).

Have an event to attend ? Throw on a dinner jacket and you're solid to go.


Outfit Number 2 - Oxford Shirt + Slim Fit Trousers + Double Monks


A nice fitted Oxford Shirt goes a long way. You can team it up with slim fit trousers /chinos/ slacks, your call. I personally like to go with slim fit dark denims.


And what can I say about Double monks. You gotta love em.
Can’t possibly go wrong with em.


Side note - Tbh, I’d prefer this over combo 1 if I’m going out on a date. The get up looks more thought out hence showing the lady you've put in the effort to look good for the night. Voila!


Outfit Number 3 - Fitted Suit


A fitted suit serves you all seasons. Team it up with a slim fit tie. If not that use the black horse, sadly forgotten of, the pocket square.


Makes you stand out - no second opinions there.
And again, don't feel like you're out of options. Replace your trousers with slim fit dark denims and try untucking your shirt to crank it down a notch and play it cool.


So there you have it.

Your 3 essentials stack. Invest in it accordingly and you'll be set for a good time.


Told ya gimme 5 minutes.
Was that 5 minutes .. more like 3.


Self Five .. 1- 0 me.


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