20 Things worth the Money for Every Man – LIFESTYLE 101’s


1. A good pair of Oxford shoes. Goes with everything you have in your wardrobe. Saves the hassle of rotation.


2. A well designed desk and chair. This expenditure is better off than the one at a Chiropractor’s.



3. A Piece of Men’s Accessory. Adds to your personal style statement. One’s sufficient.



4. A Divorce ( Possible )


5. Smart Phones. Please don’t be one who cribs about how technology is taking over. You’re a grown man, find the balance. Else Nokia just launched their 3310.


6. A Music Dock.



7. Coffee Machine. Coffee Beans.



8. Art you actually like ( and understand ). Not the money’s worth if you ain’t willing to put it up on the wall.


9. A solid leather jacket. One lasts you at least 5 years.


10. Date Nights. Learn how to master the art.


11. A Pair of trousers apart from black. Theres an extent to potential. Black has its.


12. A Round for the bar. Once in your life.. not a week.



13. A Watch.


14. Kids. They cost INR 15,00,000/- each. But you can use them as dummies in your next pretend play.



15. A toolbox.


16. Headphones better than the ones that come with the device.


17. A Proper Pen


18. Travel. Little chance it’ll make to your list of regrets at the end of your life.



19. Gadget Insurance. You will drop / lose / flood your IPhone at some point of time.


20. Non Stop Flights. YES !


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