The 10 Best Hobbies for Men To Begin Right Now – LIFESTYLE 101’s


Beyond the work hours exist a couple of hours for yourself – a time for every man to give to his hobbies. And what you do with your free time aka your hobby time, says a lot about who you are.

These are my 2 cents to help you out with that free time. These 10 hobbies can seriously shape you as a well rounded man provided you put the time behind it.


Infuse Alcohol

Think of it as COOKING, except instead of food you’re cooking for people who have a thing for spectacular tasting liquor.



And it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Combine a flavoured ingredient in a non flavoured alcohol. Seal it and keep it for a few days. That’s it. You can get Coffee Vanilla Bourbon, Cardamom Fig Brandy, Lemon Basil Vodka – you name it.


The Ukulele


Now if you’re like almost all of us, you must’ve tried or thought of trying your hands at the guitar.

And if you’re definitely like the most of us, you must have dropped it too.


I empathise with you like you should with me. Not all of us were born for the glorious instrument.

BUT ! There’s always route B. In this case it’s the 3 stringed little piece of magic called the Ukulele. Nowhere as hard as the guitar to learn but just as much fun if not more.





Here’s the thing about wood working. And I think I’ve spoken about this earlier as well. There is nothing manlier than building something with your own two hands.




An ancient form of wood carving. Now you don’t need a lot to start.

A block of wood ( i’d recommend Balsa – it’s soft ) and a whittling knife. Trust me when I tell you, its really productive use of your time.



Your mind doesn’t favour, you learn patience. And in that I feel it’s a kind of meditation in itself.

Of course it’ll take years for you to master it. But enjoy the process.




One of the best hobbies for men. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sport for a very long time. It does take a lot of years to get highly skilled at the game itself.

Once you get a hang of it though, it can become a highly sociable game for men.



Restoring Classic Cars


Repairing and putting together a rusty old classic into a classic vintage model – it doesn’t get better than this.

I have to admit. This is one thing I’ve been trying to get around to. But it needs a certain level of knowledge and skill in cars.



Highly time consuming. BUT ! This one tops the chart.. almost.


Martial Arts


Everyone should know how to fight. Period.

Now I’m not asking you to go all Rocky Balboa on every guy coming your way. But you should know enough to be able to not get your head knocked off.



MMA isn’t only an immensely popular spectator sport. It’s the kind of training you won’t ever find in a gym. Switch things up.


Off Roading


Now this one has it all us guys love – thrill, adventure, danger.

Quick heads up though. Research and navigate your area well before hitting the road. See if your Jeep or SUV is durable enough to handle the terrain.


Do it in groups with extra vehicles incase you get stuck. Not kidding.





Wipe that grin off your face young man. A Man doesn’t always need a better half, or a fancy chef to feed him.

We need fire and the right ingredients. That’s it.

Extremely self sustaining and extremely meditative. You forget all your problems. Try it.



Tactical Training 


This would cover your shooting skills, hand to hand combat, agility drills – Everything. And did I mention shooting guns ?



Find a shooting range in your city and more often than not they provide you with the entire setup. Why not use the free time to become a la John Wick eh ?

A lot of men open a cold one and sit in front of the TV in their free time.. you don’t have to be one of those men.

One ManUP Out.


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