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 I have a Question


Picture this.. It’s the weekend again and post a hard week’s worth of work, you’ve decided to drive down to the mall to unwind, where you need to spend your hard earned money. You come across a shirt you think will look good on you because you saw it on a celebrity or a magazine – And you love it ! At that moment that shirt is all you need to win the world over. And that’s all you want.


You buy impulsively – probably because the Salesman had a successful pitch or because the friend you were with, liked it on you or because you thought you NEEDED it imperatively to look good. Now you’ve spent the money, and you wear it.


Couple of days pass by, the charm of the shirt starts fading away. You’re having issues matching and complimenting it with the rest of your wardrobe, your body’s fit, your professional and social environment and above all your budget.



Question is – Why would you?


Now picture this for a minute.


You have a neatly constructed form – which takes into account everything you need to construct YOUR perfect wardrobe.

You fill it out.

You’re contacted by a Professional Stylist, specialising in Menswear, from One ManUP, in the next 2 hours.

A look book is constructed for you – keeping in mind your preferred brands, your budget, your social and professional life and your fit – With A BIG FAT Discounted price you won’t get at any retail outlet.

This covers everything from your Professional Work Space meetings, to Coffee Dates, to a lazy Sunday Brunch right down to the Big Fat Indian Wedding – Without breaking your bank account.

Each and every item is Made to Measure for YOU.

The entire wardrobe is delivered to your house.

You keep and pay for what you like.

What else ? You save THOUSANDS of Rupees. You don’t need another new purchase for the next 2 years.


Now that my friend, is Smart Investment.


Money takes hard work to be earned – Don’t waste it on impulsive shopping.

Precisely where brands like Gentlemen in Motion come into a fruitful partnership with One ManUP.


Gentlemen In Motion – Grooming Partners for One ManUP 



Last week on a Saturday afternoon I came across Landon Rowinski’s message for the first time. It was directed towards One ManUP’s Instagram Inbox. A few clicks and minutes later, Landon’s brand Gentlemen in Motion had completely taken me in.


We as a company are very particular about the people we associate with. There’s no other way about it apart from loving and respecting them for the kind of work ethic they carry.


Landon is my favourite kind of person as I was telling him the same over a Skype call. I respect people who really go out and get what they want – people put action over words – those are my favourite. Landon had my respect for taking the initiative to message One ManUP.



A couple of messages later, a Skype meeting was arranged for the next Monday morning.


Needless to say, the 1 hour 20 minute Skype Call resulted in a collaborative partnership between Gentlemen in Motion and One ManUP.


A bit about Landon – a Lieutenant in the US Army, with a major in Psychology and Biology with a minor in Organic Chemistry – Landon began Gentlemen in Motion with the intent of bringing cost effective and made to measure Menswear, along with aesthetically pleasing, “man-making”, old school shaving products to his audience.




And boy did he do just that. I was sold, not just on the make of the grooming and menswear products, but the way Landon was aware of the in’s and out’s of his craft. You see the passion for his work and you know you won’t be let down.


You have to see it for yourself.  I’m particularly a fan of the Old School Stainless Steel razors produced by GIM. Of course there’s the upside of looking like a total badass, a la James Bond while shaving ever so carefully with it.


But. Like a host of other brands, GIM doesn’t just stop at making you look good on the outside.


Gentlemen in Motion is a brand focussed on uplifting the way of functioning for the Modern Gentleman. It has it’s heart and intent in the right place. Apart from Made to Measure garments and its grooming line, GIM also boasts an eclectic range of topics on its blog from Fitness to Leadership to Etiquette and Grooming – with the endeavour of broadening a Man’s vision and perspective while developing a stronger sense of integrity and grit in his daily life .


GIM has entered the Indian market at probably the best hour. It’s Menswear line is a host to compliment the surge of Startup founders here in India.


With the immense scope that comes with being the Founder of a thriving Startup, a lot of us Men forget to look the part, which believe it or not, has a direct impact on the way we function.


From the way you dress, to the way you talk to the way you walk, everything counters any potential situation pulling you down and brings you an enormous upside. And I say this from the personal insight of a Founder.



Hard work is the ingredient to success – Agreed. It’s not the only key to success when you’re trying to build something larger than life and essentially sell your idea to the world. You as the backbone behind it come to the forefront in the scheme of things.


Your actions, the way you conduct yourself and go about your work speaks a lot more than your words ever could.


This is where brands like Gentlemen in Motion and One ManUP come into the scenario.


Having said that, once again, we are pleased to initiate this collaborative effort. After all we want you to be a part of this and keep you in the loop as well !

Do be on the lookout for Gentlemen in Motion in One ManUP’s May 2017 Look Book. For any queries regarding their products – we’re just a call away.



Andd ! Before we sign out – the folks over at Gentlemen in Motion have been extremely generous in offering a 20% discount on the shopping cart. All you need to do is sign up to their newsletter ! 

One ManUP Out.


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