7 Everyday Habits of Ripped Men – FITNESS 101’s


Summer’s around the corner and so are the ripped summer goals. Luckily One ManUP’s not going to let you resort to sticking your gut in till you pass out.




Instead, we’re going to crack this enigma today. What these bodies are indicative of are that there are no shortcuts. Getting and maintaining a low body fat is a long term goal.


Like we’ve always maintained, a new gym and a new workout gear isn’t the answer you’re looking for. The idea should be to make small adjustments day by day and eventually turn them into habits.

You can check with Stallone. He reckons.


They Never Fail to Prepare


When night strikes, and you’re done with your day’s labour – take a moment, sit back, and make a list of everything you need to get done the next day. In order of importance.


In our opinion, morning sessions are slightly better in the sense that you’re getting a major head start above everyone with good blood flow and endorphins running around like crazy through your body.


A Proper Breakfast



By proper we don’t mean a protein bar on your way to work. Eggs and salmon with toast, or oats with protein and a tall glass of juice is what you’re looking for.


Research at the University of Bath shows hitting the alarm clock for an extra 10 minutes eats into your weight loss potential, whereas a proper morning breakfast kickstarts your metabolism by an 442 calories burned in a day.


And of course, the trusted cup of black coffee, which adds an additional 11 percent of calories burnt quicker.


An Alarm


Old School ? Yes. Works ? YES.


Once you’re in the daily grind of hitting the gym, you’ll soon be craving a workout every time you wake up.


No Rest Days


This doesn’t mean you hit the iron 18 times a week. Nope.

4 -5 days is more than enough. However, for the 2 days that you don’t, split it into Active and Passive Rest days.


Active Rest days translate to doing some light running, climbing the stairs, basically movements which get the blood flowing and your heart rate up, but not as hardcore. Remember your body is still recovering from the damage you put it through in the iron room.


Likewise, Passive rest days are just that, except you move around as much as you can within the confines of your home or work place. Stretch, move, pause, repeat .. while taking care of your daily affairs.





As much as it might wrongly remind you of a steroid bound, tatted biker, it’s not. If we are talking ripped bodies and fat loss , this is the most essential macronutrient you’re looking for. About 25 – 30 percent of its energy is used in its metabolisation.


What that means is you burn more calories digesting this food than others, helping you lose weight.


It’s very filling and minimises the muscle you lose while restricting your calories .. there .. we just answered the never ending question – “ Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time ? “


Set Assess Achieve Goals

Looking good for a party or a summer holiday is a goal, yes, but not a viable one. Our focus here is to make this a lifestyle for you to have a ripped body year round.


For that, goals like “ Do 50 push ups before hitting the shower “ or “ 10 pull ups “ or lose 2 pounds every 7 days are much more viable.


Again, assess your progress through visual images of your before and afters.


Lift Heavy


Simple Science, the heavier you lift, the more muscle fibres you recruit. Bear in mind, we aren’t telling you to take your form for a toss. More muscle fibres won’t just repair larger, meaning you’ll add on size and mass, you’ll also be burning calories for the next 36 hours post your workout.


Increase the intensity, by that we mean weight, by 5 – 10 percent every week.


In addition to that, while isolation movements that target a specific body part are all great, never underestimate and ignore the importance of your caveman moves – Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press. These are the compound lifts recruiting almost every body part in their movement.


And that’s that. Inculcate these one after the other and you’ll be sorted.

One ManUP Out.


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