10 Style Hacks to Make You MORE Stylish – FASHION 101


What’s good Gentlemen. Today I’m bringing to the table 10 Style Hacks to make You more stylish instantly.


God I need to stop sounding like an infomercial already…


So we’re working on all aspects to make you One Man up. Behind the scenes here involves us experimenting with new styles, methods and techniques, testing to see how well it works - fitness, fashion, grooming, lifestyles, how to’s you name it.


As a result of the same process, One ManUP gets what you want and brings you what you want without the clutter.


Speaking of clutter .. let’s fire up this bad boy.


A.   Un-Clutter The Wardrobe.


Gentlemen. We’re not 12 anymore. So let’s act like grown ups now okay?






Pop Tarts anyone..?


Style Hack number 1 un-clutter thy wardrobe. Get rid of what you don't use. Unnecessary or unfit clothes is nothing but a distraction for you and we don't want any of those.


Make space for the best and usable clothes.

Plus, it feels so good to give. Find a charity and donate what you don't use.


(BONUS - Please, wash them and make them look presentable before giving away. Respect gentlemen, it all comes down to respect - OneManUP 101’s.)


B.   Invest in a pair of Glasses.


Style Hack number 2. Now if you don't have eye power I suggest you go for the powerless lenses.


Glasses, especially the right ones, add symmetry to your face. Research shows symmetry in a man’s face is the most attractive and sought after feature.


Now the problem is, most of us don't have symmetrical faces. Glasses take care of that problem.


C.   Pocket Square.


Style Hack number 3. Choose a good pocket square and learn how to fold it.


A pocket square is that cherry on the top which makes all the difference to your attire. It’s like that dash of cinnamon and nutmeg on your latte.


Fold it one way to come across as a professional, fold it another way to come across as a suited up vagabond.


D.   Belts.


Style Hack number 4. The most underrated item in your wardrobe.


“But Dude! It’s just supposed to keep my pants up dude!”


No Dude!


It’s supposed to make you look incredibly cool and awesome when chosen correctly.


E.   Cold Showers.


Style Hack number 5. Now its not exactly a Style Hack but it could've should've sorta been one.

Cold early morning showers contract your body and builds your body’s immunities.


A stronger you is a stylish you.

F.   Shoe Polish.


Style Hack number 6. Buying them isn't enough. IF you own them you gotta look after them.


And if you’re confused which polish to use go after a neutral spray. Works on almost everything and it’s easily available.


G.   Light Oxfords/ Plain Tee’s.


Style Hack number 7. Whenever in doubt use the One ManUP combo.


Light Oxfords / Plain Tee Shirt + Dark Denims = WINNING!!

Always works.


H.   Style Spotter.


Style Hack number 8 . Go shopping with a friend who has a good sense of style. Let them keep you in check as to what works and what doesn’t.


Never hurts to get an instant second check.


I.   Gloves.


Style Hack number 9. Often forgotten. A pair of gloves make you look like Stirling Moss in an instant and you're good to go.

These babies go with leather jacket the way pb and jelly sandwiches go hand in hand.


J.   Button the cuff like The Rock.


Style Hack Number 10. Last One. Show some cuff.


It’s easy, it’s classy, it’s free!


And there you have it Gentlemen.

10 Style Hacks to make YOU more Stylish.


Congratulations. You just levelled up.

OneManUP out.


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